If you’re like most nonprofits, then this year you’re putting more resources into creating rich, sharable content such as video, images, and infographics for lead generation and supporter engagement.

However, a huge challenge with content creation is distribution. When thinking about how to get your amazing content beyond your existing network, consider this: the top 5% of supporters in your CRM, on average, have a reach 200 times greater than your entire email file.

Even more exciting is how easy it is to identify these socially connected supporters using EveryAction. Intrigued? Then join us this Thursday to learn how to get your social media influencers talking about your campaigns to help promote your best content.

We’re excited to explain just how influencers raise the visibility of your campaign, grow your list and retain your best people. Here are three take aways we’ll explore on the webinar:

1. Influencers Raise Campaign Visibility

Influencers not only help extend the reach of your content, but expose more people to your organization’s brand. The content promotion and curation ideas below are great ways to involve your influencers in gaining campaign visibility:

  • Campaign push: Call on your influencers to help generate buzz around key pushes such as a the release of a report, an important vote, a time sensitive fundraiser, lobby week etc.
  • Events: Work with influencers to add credibility and build excitement by providing content to promote an event. Also think about using an event to identify and connect with key influencers.
  • Content creation: Invest in your top influencers whom you already have a relationship with by involving them in the creation of your content. You’ll not only add expertise value, you’ll expand your reach to a relevant audience of potential supporters. Here are a few curation ideas:
    – Ask them for ideas in areas then you need more creativity.
    – Poll influencers and share results.
    – Interview your top influencers who are experts in your field and don’t forget about your “coalition” partners.
    – Share the content of your influencers.

2. Influencers Grow Your List

Like any special sauce, use influencer engagement sparingly – especially with lead generation. A good rule to follow is to only enlist influencers when you have excellent, sharable content. If you’re looking to capture email, make sure to send people to a landing page that explicitly asks for the email or uses pop-up.

A few list growth ideas:

  • Petition /Take Action: Still a great way to grow your list. Make sure the campaign is hot and truly at a juncture where you need to bring in the big guns. Ideally the influencer is already taking action on your campaign.
  • Fundraiser: A bigger ask, so you’ll want to do a bit of research to see if they’re involved with the program and currently give. Make sure the campaign has a sense of urgency, a deadline and is shareworthy.
  • Special event: If you have an event that your members love, ask your influencers to send their people to the event landing page. Also consider involving them at the event by asking them to live tweet and sharing photos.
  • Video, infographic or report: While you typically don’t gate this type of content, make sure to have a prominent sign-up on the page or use an opt-in pop-up.

3. Engagement Retains Your Best People

Influencer engagement requires relationship building, which in turn fuels supporter retention and leadership development. Engaging your people based on their values helps them clarify why they joined your organization in the first place, while showing that you value their support. For Millennials, being a part of something bigger and active collaboration is a huge motivator.

Note that each type of influencer will have different motivators (VIP, Professional, Citizen). The majority of your influencers will be “Citizen Influencers” who have more than 500 followers and are motivated by passion versus being a paid professional. These are your everyday heros so to speak, who may be a nurse by day and Democratic activist by night. As their participation grows, an organization has the opportunity to offer new incentives and opportunities to share and collaborate with content creation. One of the best ways to ensure retention is to simply thank them and update them with campaign results.

Keep in mind that any supporter who interacts with your organization, regardless of social reach, thrives off personalized outreach. When you connect with them, it validates why they love you and encourages them continue creating more positive word of mouth about you.

Get Your Seat! Webinar 7/30. Power of Influencer Engagement

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