More than likely, there are hundreds of donors sitting in your file that have the potential to make a significant contribution to your organization, either now or in the future. We call them mid-level donors.

Mid-level donors can be an elusive bunch. While we may think we have them pegged as the young and successful, there are more indicators to look for. There may be more potential mid-level donors than you originally suspected.

Consider three things that may surprise you when you’re looking for mid-level donors:

1. They may look like low-level donors. Donors who have the potential to become mid-level are currently hidden amidst your low-level donor base. Use donor profiling to determine who these people are based on behavioral data, wealth data, and past giving behavior.

2. They may have never given to your organization. In our experience, 70% of mid-level gifts that are secured through a face-to-face strategy came from people who have never given before. Think outside the box here and really check your data.

3. They will give on the first ask. People who are able and willing to give on a mid-level do not need to be wooed and coaxed. If you intelligently identify the top prospects and send a trained development officer to conduct the right conversation, you have already won much of this battle.

Mid-level donors are a generous group that wants to give to the right organization. It is up to you to do the research to determine who these people are, create an effective communication strategy to share your vision with them, and then simply give them the opportunity to respond.

What most surprises you about mid-level donors? Let us know in the comments below!