Over the last year, the explosion of growth within the NFT industry has paved the way for numerous exciting new projects to come to life. Many of these new NFTs offer a compelling investment opportunity for savvy investors who have the foresight to identify them early in their lifespan.

To help clarify the investment landscape, this guide will discuss the best new NFT projects this year, covering the top upcoming NFTs before highlighting where to invest in these assets today – with no transaction fees.

The Top 14 New NFT Projects for 2023

Below is an overview of the best upcoming NFT projects to be aware of this year. The following section will discuss these new NFTs in detail, ensuring you know precisely which assets to mark on your NFT calendar.

  1. Fight Out – Best Move-to-Earn Cryptocurrency Offering Custom NFT Avatars To Gamify Fitness
  2. RobotEra – Emerging NFT Project Trumping Sandbox’s Use Cases and Rewards
  3. Calvaria – New P2E and FTP Gaming Project Driving Mass Adoption
  4. Lucky Block NFTs – Popular New Platinum Rollers Club NFT Collection
  5. Tamadoge – NFT, P2E, and Meme Coin Project Now on OpenSea
  6. Wen Sandwich – A Unique Limited Edition NFT Art Collection from the Bored Ape Yacht Club Artist
  7. The Uncharted – Best New NFT Collection with the Highest Returns
  8. Silks – Popular NFT Project with Exciting P2E Elements
  9. Cocky – Best New NFTs for exclusive lifestyle and musical events
  10. Copium Protocol – The Best NFT Project for Passive Cryptocurrency Mining
  11. Real Estate Investment Club – Metaverse NFT Collection with Longevity and Exciting Utilities
  12. Battle Infinity – Exciting NFT Project with High P2E Rewards
  13. Identity 20XY – Bringing AR Anonymity to the Blockchain using NFTs
  14. FaceTransPlants – A series of 10,000 ridiculous NFT Caricatures, founded and designed by SCALE, an anonymous artist

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A Closer Look at the Best Upcoming NFT Projects

The new NFT projects listed above provide exciting investment opportunities for investors of all experience levels. Let’s explore each of these projects individually so that you can gain a deeper understanding of the best NFTs to buy this year:

1. Fight Out – Best Move-to-Earn Cryptocurrency Offering Custom NFT Avatars To Gamify Fitness

Fight Out is an industry-leading platform transforming the way for its users to reach their fitness objectives. Users can create personalized NFT avatars that accurately reflect their real-world fitness progress, providing a unique and engaging way to track and stay motivated.

The platform is quickly gaining traction in the investment community, with over $4.6 million raised during its presale stage.

Moreover, Fight Out is set to launch on a CEX on April 5th, and $FGHT’s value is expected to reach $0.033 USDT. This presents an excellent opportunity for buyers to acquire the token at its current rate of $0.02417 USDT.

fight out 4.5 million presale

In addition to the custom NFT avatars, Fight Out’s metaverse provides users a unique way to interact and connect with other community members. This feature allows for a new perspective on progress and the ability to track fitness milestones and build connections with other members.

Fight Out has established partnerships with elite MMA fighters such as Amanda Ribas and Taila Santos. These collaborations with renowned UFC fighters will aid in building the platform’s reputation and achieving a strong foothold in the fitness world.

The platform has devised an innovative way to motivate users to reach their fitness goals by introducing an off-chain currency within its app called “REPS”  that users can earn by achieving their daily workout goals. This move to earn crypto allows users to use REPS to redeem rewards in the in-app store, such as premium NFTs and special membership deals.

Additionally, the platform’s whitepaper offers a comprehensive guide for those interested in learning more about its features.

Fight Out utilizes the security and transparency of Ethereum to underpin its $FGHT tokens, which adhere to the ERC-20 standard. With an upper cap of 10 billion tokens, users can purchase 45% of the total token supply during the presale stages.

Holding $FGHT tokens grants access to Fight Out’s leagues and competitions and provides the ability to buy REPS with an additional 25% bonus.

fight out best altcoins

Fight Out offers an added incentive for early investors with a bonus on token purchases starting at 10% for investments of $500 or more and with a lock-up period of 6 months. This means that buyers have the opportunity to earn more tokens and have access to exclusive perks. 

Investors can join the platform’s Telegram channel to get the latest news.

Presale Started 14 December 2022
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT
Chain Ethereum
Min Investment None
Max Investment None

2. RobotEra – Emerging NFT Project Trumping Sandbox’s Use Cases and Rewards

RobotEra is a new play-to-earn game and NFT project requiring robot NFTs to rebuild planet Taro and our top pick for best new NFT project.

Its native token, $TARO, is on presale and used for purchases of NFT robots and NFT metaverse land, which has the capability to be built upon and monetized.

Early investors will enjoy low prices by buying the coin during the first stage for $0.02, with the coin’s value increasing in different stages – to $0.025 in stage 2 and $0.032 in the final stage.

Planet Taro has been destroyed and requires players to rebuild the land as robots, which belong to seven different camps with unique traits and strengths.

Players can buy robot NFT avatars and acquire metaverse land to manage, with RobotEra enabling players to build robot companions to start a new era with them.

This multiverse ecosystem, which is an LBank Labs project, allows players to use the editing tool to create land and connect with other worlds. Besides creating NFTs, players can invite communities to enter their land and build a new metaverse with other NFT communities.

The scripting language has few limitations and allows for dynamic 3D scenes, sound, physics, payment and more. In the future, other use cases may develop in the ecosystem with players free to build what they want making RobotEra the best play to earn game in 2023.

The RobotEra whitepaper states that players can also submit original NFTs for display in museums.

Players owning continents can earn in-game assets by making and selling NFTs, which are land, robot companions and robot components.

Other ways players can earn is by adding infrastructure to their land and monetizing billboards by renting them to brands.

It’s similar to The Sandbox, but players earn rewards with RobotEra in several ways – players can also hold events and mine resources, and RobotEra offers rewards to players staking $TARO coins.

All the information about the game and its NFTs is available on the RobotEra Telegram channel.

Buying NFTs requires players to buy RobotEra crypto, which are most affordable during the presale.

The price of RobotEra tokens will rise 60% during the token presale, with 270 million – 15% of the 1.8 billion supply – on sale with a hard cap of around $7 million.

There will be no vesting period on presale tokens.

Presale Started Q4 2022
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT
Chain Ethereum
Min Investment 1,000 TARO
Max Investment N/A

3. Calvaria – New P2E and FTP Gaming Project Driving Mass Adoption

calvaria cryptoCalvaria is another newly launched project that will not only offer ownable NFTs in its flagship play-to-earn (P2E) game Duels of Eternity, but also wants to drive mass migration from Web2 to Web3 gaming.

The project believes it has found a solution for GameFi’s biggest issue – a lack of players.

calvaria splash

While investors have seen the potential in the space, with multiple games having billion-dollar market caps and attracting major partnerships with huge brands, casual and traditional gamers have not followed.

Indeed, the likes of Decentraland and The Sandbox each have market caps of around $1.2 billion but had just 20,000 combined players in October, while Axie Infinity has lost 95% of its player base – from nearly 3 million to less than 200,000 per month – in 12 months.

Meanwhile, Web2 games such as Fortnite and Minecraft attract tens of millions of players every day.

Duels of Eternity will have a traditional P2E version of its game that features fully ownable and tradeable NFTs, and rewards distributed for winning matches and tournaments.

The game itself is a battle-card strategy game where players stack their decks and use their knowledge, skills, and assets such as power-ups and upgrades to beat their opponent.

However, Calvaria has added a number of features that puts it ahead of its rivals. The game is 3D and available on mobile devices, while it also features a single-player story mode that will not only flesh out the lore of the game but reward players with cards and upgrades usable in other game modes.

Most importantly, Calvaria will launch a full free-to-play (F2P) version to attract traditional gamers to the blockchain.

The project has identified prohibitive costs – of NFTs and tokens – and lack of knowledge as being intimidating and off-putting to potential players.

Calvaria Presale

The F2P version will solve that by being fully playable without any investment, while also including gamified quests that teach players about blockchain technology and also reward them.

The F2P version will also include a visible tracker that shows players how much they could’ve won in the P2E version to entice them to Web3. After raising more than $3 million in its presale, Calvaria listed its native token on various crypto exchanges such as BKEX and LBank.

For more information read through the Calvaria whitepaper and join the Telegram channel.

4. Meta Masters Guild – New Crypto Project Blending NFTs into Games and P2E Rewards

MMG LogoMeta Masters Guild (MMG) is redefining the gaming world by introducing a new way for players to earn real money through its innovative web 3.0 games. With MMG, players can integrate unique, playable NFTs into their gaming experience through the project’s digital marketplace, taking their gameplay to the next level.

Recently, $MEMAG, the native token, was made available through a seven-stage presale. 350 million of the 1 billion token supply had been allocated and sold for the presale. Meta Masters Guild raised nearly $5 million through its presale rounds.

Meta Masters Guild mobile gaming guild

MMG is revolutionizing the web 3.0 space with its user-friendly platform that removes the technical complexities often associated with these technologies.

A unique aspect of the project is its digital marketplace, where users can acquire unique NFTs linked to their digital wallets and be utilized across multiple games within the platform.

MMG has crafted an innovative reward system that improves the overall gaming experience. The introduction of “Gems,” an in-game currency that can be earned by participating in gameplay and converted into $MEMAG tokens, provides an added incentive for players.

Meta Masters Guild Games

MMG is looking to partner with multiple game developers to expand its presence and influence in the gaming industry. To achieve this goal, the project intends to promote the incorporation of the $MEMAG token into games, opening up new financial opportunities for players. Those interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the platform’s capabilities can refer to the project’s litepaper.

To stay informed of the platform’s latest updates, buyers can join the MMG Telegram channel.

5. Lucky Block NFTs – Popular New Platinum Rollers Club NFT Collection

Our number one pick when it comes to new NFT projects is the Platinum Rollers Club collection from Lucky Block. Lucky Block has emerged as one of the best altcoins on the market, primarily due to the platform’s innovative crypto-lottery feature. The development team has also opted to delve into the NFT space by launching the Platinum Rollers Club, a collection of 10,000 new NFTs hosted on the Binance Smart Chain.

The NFTs themselves depict 2D tickets with a number on the front. However, these NFTs derive their value from the exceptional benefits afforded to owners – most notably, automatic entry to daily prize draws worth an average of $10,000. Alongside this, 25 NFTs within the Platinum Rollers Club collection are dubbed ‘Rare Editions’ and will enable the owner to collect double the jackpot if their number comes up.

Lucky Block - new nfts

The Platinum Rollers Club collection went live on March 19th and can be purchased through the fast-growing marketplace, NFT LaunchPad. Due to the 70x returns experienced by LBLOCK after listing on PancakeSwap and the impressive hype being driven by Lucky Block’s Telegram group, these NFTs are expected to sell out soon – meaning investors must act quickly to obtain one of these prized assets.

Celebrity NFT buyers Jamie Jewitt and Dillian Whyte are also brand ambassadors for the promising project.

If you’re wondering how to buy Lucky Block NFTs today, you can review our comprehensive guide which will walk you through the entire process.

6. Tamadoge – NFT, P2E, and Meme Coin Project Now on OpenSea

new nfts - TAMA logoTamadoge is an exciting NFT project that sold out its presale allocation in record time, had its native TAMA token pump by 2,000% after listing, and became the top trending collection on OpenSea after its first set of NFTs were released.

The NFT Pets, based on 90s craze Tamagotchi, are at the center of the ecosystem and are used in the game’s PVP battle mechanic, with the winner receiving an allocation of ‘Dogepoints’.

tamadoge is one of the new nfts

Those with the most Dogepoints at the end of each month will receive rewards in the form of TAMA, a high-potential meme coin that has already returned some investors big profits and appears set for more gains in the coming weeks and months.

But while plenty of other meme coins have big potential for growth, the big difference between this project and the likes of Dogecoin is that it has utility.

Dogecoin’s supply has drastically increased since its inception, and now has a circulating supply of 130 billion, while TAMA has just a 2 billion supply and tokens spent in the in-game Pet Store – on things such as toys, food, and treats -are burnt.

Over time, this helps reduce the token supply and increases price pressure.

Those looking to buy Tamadoge can now do so through leading CEXs like OKX, with more exchange listings in the pipeline, which could pump the price further.

new nfts - Tamadoge

The latest NFT news from the Tamadoge camp is that all 21,100 Tamadoge NFTs are now available for purchase., with the collection divided into three categories, Common, Rare, and Ultra-Rare.

The Ultra-Rare NFTs, which have the best attributes and provide the highest chance of winning PVP battles, became the top trending collection on OpenSea when they launched, selling for a combined 250ETH – the floor price is currently 3.8ETH but only six of the 100 Ultra-Rare pets are listed below 80 ETH.

Investors looking to keep tabs on further updates can do so through the official Tamadoge Telegram Group.

7. Wen Sandwich – A Unique Limited Edition NFT Art Collection from the Bored Ape Yacht Club Artist

Bahn mi. Meatball Sub. Philly Cheesesteak. Chip Buttys. Is anybody hungry? If your stomach is starting to rumble, then the following new NFT art collection is something for you to dig your teeth into.

Wen Sandwich is a pixel art collection created by Migwashere. If you’ve been hiding under a rock during 2021, which is unlikely if you’re here, you might not know Migwashere. Well, to bring you up to speed – he is the designer and artist behind the most prestigious NFT collection in the industry – the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

That’s right. In 2021 Migwashere designed all of the bored apes you see today, many of which are owned by world-famous celebrities, including Eminem, Snoop Dogg, and Justin Beiber. Well, Migwashere is back with a new art collection based on everybody’s favorite lunchtime food – sandwiches!

Wen Sandwich will let users create and mint their own custom NFT-based sandwich art. With over 150 different ingredients on the menu, you will undoubtedly be able to curate the sandwich you crave regularly and display it as NFT art all over your social media.

No matter where you are in the world, you can guarantee that your culture loves sandwiches. Every culture proudly boasts its variation of meat, veggies, and sauce sandwiched between two slices of bread. Who sandwich? Well, we all sandwich!

Migwashere is set to change the dynamic behind how NFTs are minted. With Wen Sandwich, users will be able to mint an unlimited number of sandwich NFT art. Want to create a sandwich for every day of the week? Well, with Wen Sandwich, you are entirely free to do so. However, once the food truck closes its windows, there won’t be any opportunity to create new Wen Sandwich NFTs.

The idea behind the art collection is to introduce a novel method of creating community-driven rarity. Instead of a select few users minting rare NFTs based on differing traits, users that mint Wen Sandwiches can make their own ultra-rare sandwich NFTs – depending on the ingredients used.

The mint for Wen Sandwich is scheduled to go live at the end of January. Users simply have to head over to the Wen Sandwich website, connect their wallet, and then start putting their favorite sandwich together by mixing the ingredients on the menu. Once the sandwich is minted, the meal is sent to your wallet for your endless ownership.

The base price for minting is 0.05 ETH. However, the price will climb depending on the number of ingredients in your meal.

Overall, everybody loves sandwiches. Wen Sandwich is creating a totally new dynamic in the NFT art sector and is set to ignite NFTs in 2023 – especially considering the history of its designer.

8. The Uncharted – Best New NFT Collection with the Highest Returns

Another interesting NFT collection that’s drawing a lot of attention is The Uncharted. The collection stands out in the crowded NFT market by providing real-world returns generated from TradFi. In a unique approach, it opens up TradFi opportunities for Web3 users. Let’s see how.

The Uncharted is powered by XETA Capital, a successful wealth management start-up led by a team of seasoned traders. The team’s excellent track record of 10+ years stands as testimony to the credibility and profitability of the new venture. All proceeds from the sales of The Uncharted will go to the Xeta Capital Fund (XCF) – a High-Frequency Trading (HFT) fund run by complex, yet highly secure algorithms designed to extract the highest returns.

A share of the profit generated by the fund will be airdropped quarterly to all NFT holders for three years. As the fund compounds and grows over time, NFT holders will be eligible for higher returns. And once the three-year period is over, the fund will be split among NFT holders and The Uncharted LTD.

The Uncharted makes an excellent use case of NFTs, exploring beyond their collectible value. HFT funds, which have long been only accessible to rich individuals and institutions, are now brought to the masses through tokenization. It allows anyone to be a part of the highly lucrative domain with a small investment.

Judging by the theme centered around space expeditions, it won’t be long before The Uncharted enters the top NFT charts. A set of 5000 NFTs from the first collection – The Uncharted, Chapter One – The Southern Ring Nebula – is now open for reservation. More collections will follow with new perks and privileges.

9. Silks – Popular NFT Project with Exciting P2E Elements

Silks logo

Another new NFT project that is garnering lots of attention is Silks. Silks is a blockchain-enabled metaverse that allows users to own, trade, and earn rewards from thoroughbred racing horses.

This exciting project is based on actual events, meaning that all in-game ‘virtual horses’ have a counterpart in the real world. Ultimately, this enables metaverse participants to benefit when the real-world horse performs well in races. Also home to the best NFT Land projects, and the best NFT horse racing projects, Silks is a top NFT project worth considering.

Silks metaverse

The project was birthed by a team with an exceptional wealth of experience in the horse racing industry. One of the co-founders, Troy Levy, is the owner of Circle 8 Farms and the CEO of Tropical Racing, a company that specializes in securing great racehorses. Both companies have strategic partnerships with Silks to help push it forward.

You must own one of the Silks Avatars from the NFT collection to participate in the ecosystem. 10,000 NFTs were minted earlier in the year, and they were quickly bought up by high-profile investors, such as top investment firms and NFT communities, including Bored Apye Yacht Club NFT holders.

The hype around the Silks Avatars led to them becoming a top #15 best-selling Ethereum Sports NFT on OpenSea, and Nanen.AI, the most respected NFT index, added it to its Gaming 50 Index.

You can still get your hands on one of these Silks Avatars. However, the sale is over 65% complete, so you’ll have to be quick to snap one up.

Owning one of the Silks Avatars is the perfect investment as it provides access to the metaverse and allows owners to mint the NFT Horses to participate in the ecosystem to earn rewards.

The virtual world that underpins the Silks project will allow users to purchase plots of land and construct their own stables to house their horses. Notably, these plots of land are structured as NFTs, which can be monetized and traded through the Silks marketplace. Horses are also structured as NFTs, with new pools of horses being minted annually to coincide with the real-world trading of ‘Yearlings.

Each in-game horse will have unique traits and characteristics derived from its real-world counterpart’s racing record and training history.

Ultimately, Silks looks set to become one of the best NFT drops this year, as it will help gamify the horse-racing experience for a completely new demographic. Furthermore, Silks’ play-to-earn (P2E) nature allows savvy investors to purchase valuable horses and generate a passive income through participation.

10. Cocky – Best New NFTs for exclusive lifestyle and musical events

Cocky is an exclusive lifestyle club that offers access to world-class music events. The Parasol Group created the project and is actively trying to change the definition of utility in the NFT space.

Typically, NFTs are released to the public with little-to-no utility whatsoever. Cocky intends to change this by allowing its NFT holders access to once-in-a-lifetime musical events held in unconventional locations.

cocky offers new nfts

Their NFT collection consists of 10,000 Cocky Can NFTs, which have 51 different skin variations and three tiers of lid colors – Silver, Gold, and Black. This tier-based system is randomly assigned during minting and unlocks a range of benefits that include things such as subsidized transport, accommodation, additional event invites, bar tabs, and exclusive merchandise.

The Cocky team created a fascinating use case for their news NFTs, called Mutations, which are stamps that are added to the NFT each time an NFT holder attends an event. These mutations appear in the background of the NFT and allow the owner to write their own story about all the Cocky events they have attended.

The team intends to host two in-person world-class events each year. In addition, they will also host regular virtual events. The events surrounding Cocky will all focus on electronic music in prestigious locations to give holders an immersive, second-to-none experience.

new nfts - Unconventional Cocky

As the events are held in unconventional locations, the ticket volume is dictated by the capacity of the venue. As a result, NFT holders will need to register their interest in the event quickly through the website.

If an NFT holder receives a ticket and cannot attend the event, they have the option to sell it on the custom-built secondary market. Only those that hold a Cocky Token are eligible to purchase tickets from the second-hand market, providing additional utility for the token.

Cocky intends to continue expanding its community by throwing bigger and more extravagant musical concerts as its ecosystem matures. Eventually, they have the vision to build their brand to become as big as some of the most popular music festivals, such as Woodstock and Coachella.

Overall, Cocky is creating an exclusive lifestyle club and will be pioneers in producing world-class musical events that money can’t buy – only ownership of the Cocky NFT can. See our full guide to buying Cocky NFTs.

11. Copium Protocol – The Best NFT Project for Passive Cryptocurrency Mining

Copium Protocol is the best NFT project in 2023 to earn from passive cryptocurrency mining. The new NFTs are designed to provide sustained demand for the native token, Copium Coin, by using mining revenues from a real-world mining facility. 

The project will launch its initial phase by releasing the Investor Pass NFTs. This is a collection of 10,000 new NFTs that will be minted on the Ethereum network on November 9th, 2023.

new nfts to choose from copium protocol

The NFTs will be sold through a Dutch Auction on the project’s website and will start at a price of 3.5 ETH. However, the first 2000 people that register early will receive a guaranteed mint spot at a lower, fixed price of just 3 ETH. 

Copium Protocol Investor Pass holders are entitled to a one-time exclusive airdrop of 10,000 Copium Coins, the native ERC-20 token that powers the ecosystem. Copium Coin will be released to the public simultaneously with the Investor Pass. 

In addition to the airdrop, all NFT holders are also entitled to the following:

  • An allocation of 10 Copium Coins per day if the NFT is staked.
  • A higher level of interest is earned when Copium Coin is staked on the Staking Platform. 
  • Automatic entry to monthly Copium giveaways.
  • The chance to win one of the two Bitcoin giveaways.

new nfts - Investor Pass Miner Copium Protocol

The entire Copium Protocol is centered around Copium Mining, an established mining facility in Otago, New Zealand. This mining facility is unique because it is entirely powered by a surplus supply of clean, green, renewable Hydroelectric energy generated in the foothills of New Zealand’s Southern Alps. 

The funds raised from the Investor Pass sale will be used to upgrade the hardware and infrastructure at Copium Mining. Once upgraded, all the daily crypto mining revenue at Copium Mining will be used to purchase Copium Coin from the open market. Furthermore, any Copium Coin purchased from daily mining revenue will be sent to a burn address – removing Copium Coin from the supply and making it a deflationary asset. 

The team will also release the Copium Staking Platform after the successful release of the Investor Pass and the launch of Copium Coin. This will allow Copium Coin holders to stake their assets for an APY over a range of locked and unlocked periods.

Holders of the Investor Pass will receive much higher rates at lower lockup periods when compared with public staking rates;

new nfts - Copium Protocol Investor Pass

Overall, Copium Protocol has developed an innovative solution to create an ecosystem that earns value for everybody involved through passive cryptocurrency mining. If you own the NFT Investor Pass or a bag of Copium Coin, you will benefit over the long term as the ecosystem matures and the supply of Copium Coin decreases. 

12. Real Estate Investment Club — Metaverse NFT Collection with Longevity and Exciting Utilities

If you’re a fan of GTA and Red Dead Redemption, this NFT project is going to catch your eyes. Real Estate Investment Club is a collection of generative metaverse NFTs created by the designer behind GTA and Red Dead Redemption.

new nfts - Real Estate Investment Club

But there is more to the collection than what meets the eye. Its utility goes beyond the value of the artwork. The new NFTs are your tickets to an exclusive club of individuals; if you didn’t already guess from the name of the project. The avatars will also grant you a free pass into the REIC – MetaCity and the Digital Asset Property Group (DAPG).

They will play an integral role in the metaverse in the making, which will be a parallel world where the physical, digital and virtual realities merge. It will be built using Unreal Engine 5 as a MaaS – (Metaverse as a Service) as they intend to build MetaHQ at the heart of the metaverse. Using Unreal Engine 5 allows the developers to focus on the detail of the HQ metaverse without having to waste time creating in-game mechanics, take a look at the sneak peak below;

The project plans to integrate a wide range of monetization opportunities and NFT use cases into MetaHQ, in an interoperable ecosystem. As the integrations unfold in the expanding metaverse, the value of the NFTs is expected to rise. This makes REIC one of the most lucrative new NFTs to purchase this year.

Let’s take a look at the upcoming use cases to better understand the potential value of the project. Apart from metaverse compatibility, they give you access to private IRL events in premium locations around the globe, educational resources, social and entertainment platforms, exclusive merchandise, in-house developments, and off-market deals around the globe to name a few. Additionally, the metaverse will be a hub for business, investment, and education opportunities.

Real Estate Investment Club NFTs are expected to go live in July with a mint planned for September this year.

13. Battle Infinity – Exciting NFT Project with High P2E Rewards

new nfts - IBAT logo

Battle Infinity (IBAT) is a hugely promising new NFT project with massive potential. An NFT-based play-to-earn Metaverse gaming ecosystem consisting of six entirely unique platforms, Battle Infinity is a diverse and incredibly feature-rich NFT project that could reshape the sector. It’s already been verified by CoinSniper and the project’s Telegram group is rapidly accruing a following, making it one of the best new NFT projects to watch.

As we briefly touched on, the new Battle Infinity NFT project features not one, but six different platforms packed full of utility and unique features. The Battle Infinity ecosystem includes an NFT marketplace, a staking platform, a fantasy sports platform, a series of P2E games, a beautifully designed Metaverse, and a decentralized exchange. With all of that packed into a single new NFT project, Battle Infinity really has something for everyone and seems primed to dominate the NFT space.

new nfts from Battle Infinity
At the center of the Battle Infinity ecosystem is the BEP-20 $IBAT token. With a limited supply of 10 billion tokens, $IBAT is used to power all things Battle Infinity. The project’s native token is used to reward skilled players, earn income by staking in IBAT Battle Stake, and for buying virtual advertising space.

Battle Infinity is one new NFT project you don’t want to miss out on. With such a diverse range of features and an ecosystem packed with synergy, Battle Infinity could be the best-performing NFT project of the year. There’s a massive demand for NFT-based fantasy sports platforms and with all the additional features packed into Battle Infinity, it’s only logical this project could attract a massive user base in record time.

The Battle Infinity (IBAT) presale has already sold out, just within 24 days since it started. IBAT will be listed on PancakeSwap soon.

14. Identity 20XY – Bringing AR Anonymity to the Blockchain using NFTs

If you’ve ever been uncomfortable showing your face in a Zoom call with strangers or recording a video for YouTube, the next project on this list might be a perfect solution.

new nfts - Identity 20XY Long Banner

Identity 20XY is a project that connects the AR industry to the blockchain. The project provides real utility by allowing its NFT holders to cover their identity while using video calling or streaming platforms. It works by projecting a personalized and unique AR mask on their faces during video calls.

The entire goal of Identity 20XY is to create a method of utility that respects users’ privacy and allows for unique self-expression. At the same time, they aim to create a technology that is practical in everyday life and useful in the metaverse.

Holders of the Identity 20XY NFTs can use their AR NFTs filters on their faces in online meetings, social media, and streaming services. To do this, they must download the Identity 20XY desktop software that connects to the following platforms;

  • Discord
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • YouTube

It doesn’t stop there. The software will work on any application that allows the user to use the camera on the device.

create new nfts online

The software is already live, and users simply need to connect their wallets to the platform to get started. The user’s motions and expressions are captured using a neural network and then projected onto the mask to provide an immersive and highly-detailed experience.

The company behind Identity 20XY, Minyma, is already highly experienced in creating AI-based projects. This is why they have the skills already to provide a valuable utility for their NFT holders.

15. FaceTransPlants – A series of 10,000 ridiculous NFT Caricatures, founded and designed by SCALE, an anonymous artist

FaceTransPlants is perhaps one of the most unusual NFT projects on this list due to its fun and ridiculous NFT collection, drawn by an anonymous artist.

The NFT collection consists of 10,000 hand-drawn satirical drawings of human faces designed to inspire laughter and ridicule. The new NFTs love plants, and all come with a “Ridicule Strength” rating. The team has also created personalized caricatures of famous celebrities such as Snoop Dogg to showcase how the concept can be further developed in the future.

new nfts - Banner FaceTransPlants

The entire premise of the project is to bring together like-minded individuals that appreciate art and creativity. The founders are hyping the community by taking members along a creative journey of the FaceTransPlants ridiculously fun storyline. Members have been receiving and will continue to receive whitelist posts by engaging with the storyline.

The project is relatively young and only started to promote itself in March 2022. Since then, the anonymous artist has created the collection, and the team is ready for a pre-sale NFT drop at some point in August.

Before the exciting drop, community members have the opportunity to put together clues about the artist to uncover their identity. Anybody that manages to piece together enough clues will win a free and unique FaceTransPlant NFT.

The team has previously teased the artist’s identity on their official Twitter account through the following Tweets.

Now, the team has decided to move the #SCALEhunt on Discord via the release of a series of chapters on the FaceTransPlants Discord server, so that is the first place to head to if you are interested in joining the investigation. Access to their Discord server has been limited so far so certain roles and WL spots are still up for grabs.

The team will reveal the artist’s identity in a big way, and they will conduct an interview in the days following their reveal, which will be aired on UK and Canadian TV channels viewed by millions.

All we know so far is that the artist is called SCALE, and they are inspired by the deterioration of the self and want to express it through vivid visuals and ridiculous images.

facetransplant's new nfts

The first 1,000 NFTS will be pre-sold at a discounted price, and members that actively participate in the fun activities in the community will be whitelisted to participate in the pre-sale.

NFT holders will have the opportunity to attend various events that revolve around art and will be social and educational in nature. Their events and long-term goals will also be dedicated to exploring how technology can innovate the art world.

Other fun activities, also available on their roadmap (accessible via their website) include drawing hilarious caricatures of actual NFT holders themselves if they wish to participate and show their faces, free physical prints of their new NFTs as well as a seat at the table with the FTPs team if you gather a certain amount of their NFTs.

In conclusion, the FaceTransPlants NFT collection is bringing something totally different to the NFT sector with a Banksy-like feel to the anonymous creator.

How to Find the Best New NFTs

If you’re wondering how to invest in NFTs efficiently, it’s crucial to know where to look for high-value NFT drops. With that in mind, presented below are three of the best strategies to follow to identify the best new NFT projects: 

Utilize a Reliable NFT Calendar

Whether you’re looking to keep tabs on upcoming Solana NFT projects or wish to view projects launching on other blockchains, it’s wise to make use of an accurate NFT calendar. As the name implies, these calendars detail all of the noteworthy drops occurring in the months ahead, making it easy to keep track of projects you are interested in. Since there are so many NFT drops occurring each month, it’s best to use an NFT calendar that only focuses on credible drops offered by solid development teams to ensure that low-quality drops are avoided.

Check out Top NFT Marketplaces

Many of the best NFT apps and marketplaces will highlight the top upcoming drops on their user interface. A great example of this is Crypto.com, which has a dedicated ‘Drops’ page featuring new NFT projects launching soon. These platforms tend to allow users to subscribe to an email list that will notify users when the drop is about to go live – providing scope to invest in new NFTs before they sell out. 

marketplaces with new nfts

Keep Tabs on Social Media

Finally, due to the popularity of NFTs with retail investors, social media is a great resource to find exciting new NFT projects. There are different avenues to do this, although following top NFT creators on Twitter is an excellent way to hear about upcoming drops before anyone else. Alternatively, various Twitter accounts are dedicated to informing their followers of exciting NFT projects in real-time, which can be a valuable tool.

Where to Buy Upcoming NFT Projects

Finally, now that you understand what the best new NFT projects are, let’s turn our attention to the purchasing process. As you’ll likely be aware, NFTs can be purchased through dedicated NFT marketplaces, either using FIAT or crypto. Although there are various options to choose from, our pick for the best NFT marketplace is Crypto.com.

Although Crypto.com is best-known for its crypto exchange services, the platform became involved in the NFT space during 2021 and now offers a dedicated NFT marketplace. Users can purchase NFTs from the Crypto.org blockchain and the Ethereum blockchain, ensuring a diverse range of assets to choose from. Notably, Crypto.com allows users to buy these NFTs using a credit or debit card – meaning there’s no need to buy Ethereum (or another crypto) beforehand to facilitate your investment.

top collectibles of new nfts

Another great thing about Crypto.com is that the platform charges no fees when you buy an NFT. This contrasts with some other platforms that charge a transaction fee when making purchases. Finally, Crypto.com has already collaborated with high-profile names such as Snoop Dogg to launch NFT collections, which creates a pathway for more celebrity-driven projects to launch in the future! 

Best New NFTs – Conclusion

In conclusion, this guide has presented a comprehensive overview of the best new NFT projects to be aware of this year, highlighting their features and value potential.

By understanding the upcoming NFT projects with the highest potential, you’ll put yourself in pole position to make effective investment decisions over the longer term.

For investors looking for the next big new NFT project, Fight Out is a viable option because it provides each member with their own Souldbound NFT avatars after signing up for its fitness app. While on presale, buyers have an excellent opportunity to buy $FGHT, the native token, at a presale rate of only $0.02417. USDT per token.

Fight Out - Next Big Train-to-Earn Crypto

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Fightout token


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