The NFT market has grown massively over the past couple of years. However, finding the best cheap NFT projects that have a good dev team, offer real utility, and have plans for the future is a difficult task. Luckily, we’ve got a solution.

Throughout this guide, we’ll be taking a look at the best cheap NFTs to buy now. All of the collections we’ve reviewed are great in their own right but a few like IMPT, Tamadoge, Silks, Battle Infinity and Awesome Possum really stand out from the crowd.

The 13 Best Cheap NFT Projects for 2024

Below are quick overviews of our picks for the best cheap NFTs to buy. Additionally, detailed reviews for each project can be found in the next section.

  1. Wen Sandwich – Create the Tastiest Sandwiches in an Artwork Released by BAYC Artist
  2. Tamadoge Exciting NFT, P2E, and Meme Coin Project Now on OpenSea
  3. Silks – Best Fantasy Sports Real-World Horseracing P2E Ecosystem
  4. Battle Infinity – Popular NFT Rewards Game
  5. Real Estate Investment Club – High-quality Metaverse NFTs
  6. Awesome Possums Cheap NFT Project Sending a Positive Message
  7. Souls of NatureNFT Collection with a Focus on the Environment
  8. Lucky Block NFTBest NFT Collection for Prize Draws
  9. AlphaBot Society – Choose Your Own Adventure Style NFT Project
  10. Cega Super Sanics – Collection Blending DeFi and NFTs
  11. Yeah Tigers – NFT Collection with Wearable Merch
  12. Shrapnel Operators Collection – Promising P2E NFT Game
  13. Jay Chou x PSG “Tiger Champs” – Mainstream NFT Collaboration

A Closer Look at the Cheapest NFT Projects

With so many great options, selecting the best cheap NFT project can be rather time-consuming. However, the below reviews covering the key metrics for NFTs will make the selection process far easier. Before we take a closer look at some of the best cheap NFTs to buy, it’s important fully understand exactly what an NFT is.

1. Wen Sandwich – Create the Tastiest Sandwiches in an Artwork Released by BAYC Artist

This NFT artwork series is a special one for many reasons. Most importantly, it is created by the individuals behind the legendary Bored Ape Yacht Club artwork – Migwashere. Wen Sandwich is his next big set of art that has all the ingredients to cause a mad dash in the crypto community.

The premise behind the art is fairly simple but there is a lot going for it. Investors in the Wen Sandwich collection will be able to create their sandwiches. They can choose from over 150 ingredients to create the most unique or basic sandwich. Perhaps they have a special recipe that they love and want to share it with the world – they can choose from the ingredients list and make this sandwich and hold it to proudly show it off to the world.

The ingredients themselves include protein such as chicken or bacon, veggies such as lettuce and tomato, seasonings such as pepper and salt, and all kinds of sauces. You can imagine how the crypto community will go wild with the combinations, which are practically limitless as there are so many ingredients.

So, as you can see, it’s not just the fact that Migwashere is behind it that makes this NFT art set so special. It is truly unique in that it allows collectors to come together with the love of food in mind by playfully allowing them to create unique sandwich dishes.

The minting for Wen Sandwich will start at the end of January, so there’s not much longer before the mania for these cooking creations will begin. The collection will be highly community-driven and keen on making this a priority. It is building on the best parts of Bored Ape Yacht and Migwashere’s previous collections, Sneaky Vampire Syndicate and HoF Goat Lodge.

The mint price for Wen Sandwich is also very low at 0.05 ETH. Collectors can of course add more ingredients to the sandwich to make it truly special. The low mint price makes it very accessible and allows everyone to join the table.

Minting Opens End of January 2023
Chain Ethereum
Min Investment 0.05 ETH
Max Investment N/A

For more information about Wen Sandwich, visit the Wen Sandwich website.

2. Tamadoge – Overall Best Cheap NFT Project Newly Listed on OpenSea

Tamadoge is an NFT game that offers players rewards in the Tamaverse. The project blends elements from P2E gaming and NFTs.  In the near future, the project will integrate the game into the Metaverse. Tamadoge is also available as an ERC-20 token because the developers want to offer a tax-free purchase of their coins to promote trading.

One of the things that make Tamadoge different from Dogecoin is that its supply will decrease over time. Dogecoin’s supply has increased exponentially, but the Tamadoge crypto game will burn 5% of all its tokens spent. A further 65% of the tokens spent will enter a prize pool to reward players, and the remaining 30% will go toward promoting the platform and developing it.

tamadoge rare pets

To earn rewards, players can breed pets and raise them by buying NFTs to feed them. Players can also buy NFT toys and cosmetic items to promote the development of their pets. It’s the pet’s growth that will determine a player’s ranking on the leaderboard. The top players will receive the highest rewards from the prize pool. Throughout 10 years, the Tamadoge project will unlock 30% of its total supply for minting.

The project has been a big hit with investors. It sold out its $19 million presale beating out estimates by weeks and following its listing on the OKX centralized exchange (CEX) and the OKX decentralized exchange or DEX (for US investors), the TAMA token increased in value nearly 20x from presale prices.

It’s likely that demand for TAMA will only increase from here. On October 6 100 ultra-rare Tamadoge NFTs with boosted stats were released and became the top trending NFT project on market-leading OpenSea, raising 250ETH in 24hrs.

These NFTs will provide an advantage in the upcoming P2E game, with boosted stats and traits and it could be worth spending in the drop to maximize rewards upon its release.

A further two NFT releases, 1,000 rare and 20,000 common, have since been released to much excitement in the market.

Some of the other developments include an app, support for virtual reality headsets, as well as a Tamdoge P2E arcade. Stock up on tokens today before the price of TAMAM is soars higher as new features are released.

TAMA NFTs are now live to buy on OpenSea.

3. Silks – Best Fantasy Sports Real-World Horseracing P2E Ecosystem

Silks logo

Silks is the best fantasy sports real-world horseracing play-to-earn (P2E) ecosystem. The NFTs inside the Silks metaverse mirror the real world of thoroughbred horse racing and bridge the gap between the real and crypto worlds.

The project is based on actual events, so the virtual horse NFTs are 1:1 replicas of real-world horses. You earn rewards in the game if you own the Silks Horse that wins in its real-world races.

Silks quickly rose in popularity after launching the first drop of Silks Avatars, which led to it becoming a top #10 ranked best-selling Sports NFT on OpenSea. Top investment firms quickly bought the NFTs and prominent NFT communities – including Bored Ape Yacht Club holders. It was even ranked on the Gaming 50 Index by Nansen, which is often considered the most respected NFT index in the industry.

Users are required to own one of the Silks Avatars to participate in the ecosystem. Alongside providing an avatar in the Silks metaverse, the NFTs also allow owners to mint Silks Horses to participate in races and earn rewards in the Game of Silks.

The collection was released in separate drops, and the final drop is almost completely sold out. Of the 10,000 original NFTs in the collection, nearly 65% have been sold. The Silks Avatars are some of the few NFTs that can actually provide real-world utility for holders by allowing them to participate in the Silks P2E ecosystem and start earning rewards.

You can currently purchase your first Silks Avatar for 0.25 ETH. After they are all sold, your only option would be to buy them from other holders on secondary markets, such as OpenSea.

The fantastic feature of the Silks ecosystem is that it mirrors a thriving sport that does well in all market conditions – including recessions. For example, the thoroughbred horse racing industry generates over $11 billion annually, and it’s already witnessed a record-breaking year in terms of sales prices and prize purses.

Replicating a thriving industry ensures that the Silks ecosystem will be lucrative for participants. According to the Silks whitepaper, thoroughbred Yearlings (horses that turn one year old) have an average sale price of $60,000. As the Silks Horses are NFT derivatives of these yearlings, it makes sense to expect the NFTs to surge in value as the ecosystem continues to grow.

Overall, Silks has created a unique ecosystem that can provide real-world utility for holders of the Silks Avatars and Silks Horses. It’s a first-of-its-kind project, which is already quickly gaining traction amongst top crypto investors – who are all excited to see the growth once the Silks metaverse opens in 2023.

NFT enthusiasts wanting to invest in the sector can often be put off by the massive price premiums on secondary markets as some collections trade for hundreds of times their initial release price.

Battle Infinity game

However, Battle Infinity (IBAT), a revolutionary NFT-based Metaverse play to earn game is providing investors with the chance to get in early on what could well be the project of the year. Split into six different platforms, each of which has its own unique features, Battle Infinity really has something for everyone. Furthermore, the project has already been KYC-verified by CoinSniper, giving investors the green light to get involved with the project.

As we touched on, the Battle Infinity ecosystem comprises six different platforms; The IBAT Premier League (fantasy sports league, the IBAT Battle Area (Metaverse world), IBAT Battle Games (gaming platform), IBAT Battle Stake (stake IBAT & other cryptos), IBAT Battle Swap (DeFi exchange), and even a beautifully designed NFT marketplace dubbed the IBAT Battle Market,

Powering the Battle Infinity universe is the BEP-20 $IBAT token. Limited to a supply of just 10 billion. The $IBAT tokens are used to reward players for their gameplay, as staking rewards, and to facilitate the purchase of virtual advertising space.

IBAT token

While Battle Infinity was only recently released, it’s already showing immense promise. The project is stuffed to the brim with utility and provides investors with a wide range of ways to earn. The presale is already sold out. And it happened within 24 days of launch, much sooner than anticipated. IBAT will be listed on PancakeSwap soon.

It’s worth checking out the Battle Infinity website and joining the project’s Telegram group.

5. Real Estate Investment Club — High-quality Metaverse NFTs

Real Estate Investment Club is a collection of high-quality generative NFTs that grant you free access to an exclusive club of individuals and the REIC – MetaCity. The NFTs also provide access to the Digital Asset Property Group (DAPG). 

REIC Homepage

The artworks are beautifully created by a prominent graphic designer who has previously worked with GTA and Red Dead Redemption. However, what really sets apart Real Estate Investment Club is the long-term vision and unique utilities of the NFTs. It promises to take us through a journey into a parallel world where physical, digital, and virtual realities merge. 

If you’re interested in seeing more, take a look at the sneak peak teaser trailer below;

The project will build a virtual city for REIC holders using the popular Unreal Engine 5, which will act as a MaaS (Metaverse as a Service). It will be characterized by interoperability, monetization of assets and services, and a wide range of attractive use cases.

The goal is to ultimately turn REIC – MetaCity into a futuristic metaverse that reflects the traditional world. MetaCity will be a hub for meetups, educational services, consultation services, investment opportunities, and global resources. It will host infrastructure and resources for industry elites and professionals to help them expand their activities to the metaverse.

While the official mint date for the NFTs is not yet announced, they are expected to go live by the end of July with a mint planned for September. The NFTs hold great growth potential this year, given the metaverse compatibility and monetization opportunities they come with.

6. Awesome Possums – Cheap NFT Project Sending a Positive Message

Awesome Possums is an upcoming best utility NFT project with big goals. With a focus on assisting mental health and recovery addiction, not only is it a collection of cheap NFTs to flip, but it also promotes a positive message. The collection of 12,000 NFTs is set to release on July 12th and can be minted for just 0.08 ETH ($96.69).

awesome possums

Utility is one of the driving forces behind the success of an NFT project. Without utility, hype is the only factor bolstering price and this is seldom sustainable. However, Awesome Possums is packed full of both present and future utility. During the minting process, Awesome Possums will be giving out free ETH and NFTs, then early adopters will also be eligible for a series of giveaways. On top of supporting its holders, Awesome Possums will also be beginning a series of donations to a charity focused on either mental health or addiction recovery.

Slightly later down the line, Awesome Possums will host a series of 10 large-scale giveaways with prizes ranging from luxury vacations to festival tickets. Holders of the collection will also be eligible for free therapy sessions and motivational speeches on the community Discord. Furthermore, 5 lucky low-income families/students will receive a $10,000 dollar scholarship.

awesome possums project

The collections plans for the future are equally as impressive. Awesome Possums is working on launching a charity, a platform that blends art and recovery, an animated series, and even a VR game titled – Awesome Possums: The Road. This is certainly a cheap NFT with potential to dominate the market.

It’s safe to say, Awesome Possums is a collection of cheap NFTs that will explode. It’s stuffed full of utility, has a clear vision for the future, and it’s promoting a positive cause. Because of all this, Awesome Possums has far more value than even the cheapest Bored Ape NFT.

7. Souls of Nature – NFT Collection with a Focus on the Environment

Souls of Nature is another upcoming series of cheap NFTs with potential in spades. It’s also one of the best metaverse NFT projects to hit the markets in 2024. Created by Metazooie, the collection will consist of 9,271 unique ‘nature souls’ NFTs that provide the holder with exclusive metaverse experiences. It’s still early days for the project so a few details like the mint price and the exact release date are yet to be announced.

souls of nature splash

Despite Souls of Nature still being a fairly young project, it’s got a clear vision for the future and is actively working to achieve its goals. Each NFT will grant the holder alpha access to the new Souls of Nature play-to-earn experience. Each NFT will act as an avatar within the game and the user will be able to slowly unlock a ‘fraction of their soul’ as they progress through the experience. As the collection is focused on nature, the team has pledged to give 5% of the funds generated by the project to a charity dedicated to protecting endangered ecosystems.

natures of soul nfts

Following the initial release of the project (expected in Q3), Metazooie will focus on optimizing the experience and creating a dedicated Souls of Nature marketplace which will be a part of the budding $ZOOIE economy. Once the team is happy with these features, the full game will be rolled out to the public, helping to make this series of cheap NFTs explode.

Souls of nature is one of the best cheap NFTs to buy. It’s got a dedicated team, solid plans for the future, and a clear roadmap of how it’s going to get there. While it’s still early for this NFT collection, the road ahead looks bright.

8. Lucky Block NFT – Best NFT Collection for Prize DrawsLucky Block coin

While Lucky Block isn’t the cheapest NFT to buy on our list, when you consider the immense value it offers, the price-to-potential ratio goes through the roof. The project dubbed the ‘Platinum High Rollers Club’ is a collection of 10,000 uniquely numbered NFTs that provide the holder with several bonuses linked to its prize draws.

Holders of the Platinum High Rollers collection are entitled to some phenomenal benefits. Each NFT grants the owner free lifetime entry to the Lucky Block daily prize draw which has a jackpot with an average value of $10,000. However, 25 Platinum High Roller NFTs are considered ‘Rare Editions’ which entitle the owner to double the jackpot ($20,000) if their number is selected. In addition to free access to daily prize draws,  one lucky NFT holder will also win a Lamborghini Aventador worth $300,000.

Lucky Block NFT collection

Each NFT can be purchased for 3.75 BNB and with crypto prices so low following the market crash, it’s perhaps the best time to snag one up. There are already 2000 holders enjoying free daily prize draws but thankfully there are still some Platinum High Roller NFTs up for grabs at retail price.

Lucky Block prize draws

Considering the massive success of Lucky Block’s native cryptocurrency, LBLOCK, which went on to do a 70x following its pancake swap listing, it seems likely the platform’s cheap NFTs will explode. However, owning a Platinum High Rollers NFT isn’t a prerequisite to taking part in Lucky Block raffles. Using the Lucky Block app anyone can take part in the Prize Draws for just $5 meaning they’re accessible to pretty much anybody.

As the Platinum High Roller Club collection is already available it’s a great cheap NFT to buy now. It provides real value, and rewards long-term holders. This cheap NFT that will blow up eventually, so it’s worth getting in early.

9. AlphaBot Society – Choose Your Own Adventure Style NFT Project

AlphaBot Society is a community-driven collection of 10,000 NFTs with a “choose your own adventure” spin. The collection is exclusive to, sold out in 19 minutes, and currently has over $6.6 million in sales volume. Despite these impressive statistics, the floor price for AlphaBot is just $135, making a one of the best cheap NFTs to buy.


With exemplary, unique, 3d designs the AlphaBot Society is the perfect collection for any investor looking to snag some cheap NFT art. However, the detailed models aren’t the only draw to this project. AlphaBot Society is creating a detailed story to go with the collection and holders get to vote on the direction they want it to go. This is a great way to get the community actively involved with the project and considering having a bustling community is key to an NFT project’s success, AlphaBots seems very promising.

As the project’s development continues and the world gets expanded, the team is set to release a range of physical tokenized gifts, distribute a series of airdrops and even host a variety of VR events for the community.

10. Cega Super Sanics – Collection Blending DeFi and NFTs

With its new Super Sanics collection, Cega is aiming to merge the worlds of DeFi and NFTs. The company runs a DeFi exotic options protocol that offers high-yield investment opportunities for crypto users. The collection consists of 5,000 unique NFTs with a current floor price of just 2.9 SOL ($119).

cega super sanic

Cega is essentially a DeFi staking platform. It allows users to choose between three different protocols that vary in potential yield, safety, and price drop protection.  Yields differ greatly at 8.07% for the safest option, followed by 12.42%, and the riskiest at 155.77%. The first two offer price drop protection of 90%, but the highest-yielding option has price drop protection of just 50%, therefore it’s important to fully consider the risks before locking any funds. Super Sanic holders are granted access to an exclusive fourth vault that offers the highest yields.

With the massive rise in the popularity of both staking and DeFi, there’s a good chance this project will grow exponentially. Even if it doesn’t, it’s still a great collection to snag some cheap NFT art.

11. Yeah Tigers – NFT Collection with Wearable Merch

Yeah Tigers is a collection of 10,000 individual NFTs with artwork based around tigers. The project aims to be a brand rather than just another NFT project. The current floor price of a Yeah Tigers NFT is 3.55 SOL or $145.55.

yeah tigers

While the Yeah Tigers collection is one the best cheap NFT projects in terms of art, it also comes with plenty of utility. After purchasing a Yeah Tiger, the holder can stake it on Magic Eden in order to receive a unique, wearable NFT shirt. The project also aims to partner with several pop-up shops around the world to provide Yeah Tiger holders with tangible value as well as cool art.

As the project grows, there are aims to build a dedicated Yeah Tigers community and organize real-life meet-ups for holders. The Yeah Tigers team is a group of music enthusiasts and as such, also has plans to create a musical project based around the Yeah Tigers collection. Lastly, the team wants to open a art studio where NFT fans and artists can collaborate. With all this in the works, Yeah Tiger is one of the best cheap NFTs to buy.

12. Shrapnel Operators Collection – Promising P2E NFT Game

The Shrapnel Operators Collection consists of 5,500 NFTs based on 5 characters featured in Shrapnel’s upcoming comic series. The current floor price for the collection is just 0.05 ETH ($60.45) making it one of the cheapest NFTs to buy now.

shrapnel nft

The Shrapnel Operators Collections comes equipped with loads of utility perhaps making it the best cheap NFT to buy. Holders of a Shrapnel Operator are granted early access to an upcoming NFT game based around the collection but that’s not all. Every holder will receive the comic linked to the character they own, along with a host of future NFT airdrops based on the rarity level of the holder’s operator.

While there are a fair few projects aiming to create games linked to their NFT collections, Shrapnel Operators has attracted talent that has worked on some massive games like Halo, Call of Duty, and Star Wars. This put’s the project in great stead to fulfill its goals and create a truly excellent experience for gamers around the globe.

13. Jay Chou x PSG “Tiger Champs” – Mainstream NFT Collaboration

In an exciting collaboration between Jay Chou and Paris Saint Germain, Tiger Champs is sizing up to be incredibly promising. The collection consisting of 10,00 unique NFTs has a floor price of just $399, but with auctions starting at just $1, there’s still a chance to snag one for cheaper.

Tiger Champs

Any NFT project created in collaboration with one of the best-known sports teams on the planet is almost guaranteed to attract investment. Within the collection, there will be 8,020 basic versions, 1970 premium, 10 legendary, and lastly a single 1/1 NFT. Outside of its use as cheap NFT art, Tiger Champs holders will receive an exclusive merch discount at the PSG store and be entered into a series of raffles with the chance of winning PSG merch. There will also be several interactive experiences for holders given away in a raffle. Some include tickets to Jay Chou’s Paris concert, a tour of the Parc des Prince Stadium, and a VIP package for a PSG match.

The Tiger Champs collection is probably the best cheap NFT to buy for football fans. It provides ample utility and with big-name backing, it has the marketing power to make it far. It’s also the most traded collection on the NFT marketplace and with such massive hype, it’s a solid cheap NFT to flip.

Where to Buy Cheap NFTs

Selecting a good marketplace to buy cheap NFTs is equally as important as selecting a good collection to buy. To make the process easier, we’ve included brief reviews of a couple of the best marketplaces currently available.

1. NFT LaunchPad

NFT LaunchPad logo

Launched in February 2022, NFT LaunchPad is a great marketplace to find the best cheap NFT projects. It supports collections built on both the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and the Polygon (MATIC) networks, meaning there are plenty of cheap NFTs for sale on the platform. Despite launching just a few months ago, NFT LaunchPad has experienced explosive growth and attracted investors from all walks of life.

Each NFT on the platform is purchased using  Wrapped BNB (WBNB) which means the fees liked with buying and selling on the marketplace are minimal. Outside of this, NFT Launchpad is extremely well-designed. It has an intuitive interface that makes navigating around the platform a breeze.

NFT LaunchPad review

As NFT LaunchPad uses WBNB to transact, buying, selling, and even minting a collection are all incredibly cheap. Users can mint NFTs in a variety of formats including MP4 meaning the possibilities are near endless. The creator of a collection on NFT Launchpad has full control over its royalties and has the ability to set rarity levels for the collection. When minting a collection, it’s easy to set up a dedicated page with a description of the project and any important related links, making NFT LaunchPad an excellent platform for anyone trying to build an NFT community.

All in all, NFT Launchpad is the perfect platform to buy, sell, and mint NFTs. It’s easy to use and yet extremely powerful. It’s home to the massively popular Lucky Block Platinum High Rollers collection alongside a plethora of other projects meaning it’s great for anyone looking for a cheap NFT for sale.


  • Easy to use
  • Powerful
  • Great minting capabilities
  • Supports both BSC and MATIC
  • Intuitive


  • Support for ETH-based NFTs would be nice

2. logo is one of the best-known crypto exchanges on the planet. It’s home to over 50 million users located across almost every country in the world. Recently, the crypto-giant launched an NFT platform aptly named the NFT Marketplace.

The NFT marketplace is also quite new to the sector, only launching in 2021. But despite this, the platform has grown quickly, likely as a result of the exchange’s massive user base. There are hundreds of NFTs to search through buy thankfully the marketplace has a good range of tools, making it easy to search for the best cheap NFT to buy. NFTs

To help protect users against scams, the marketplace requires each project promoted on its platform to go through a strict vetting process. This does wonders when it comes to weeding out the projects that are simply money grabs. When it comes to fees, the marketplace is wonderful. It allows users to buy and sell NFTs for free with the cost associated with the platform being a small fee for submitting collections (likely to offset the costs linked to vetting each project).

Each transaction on the platform is stored on the Chain which is one of the main reasons the company can facilitate the free buying and selling of NFTs. There are plenty of cryptocurrencies supported for buying NFTs but the only fiat option is a debit/credit card which isn’t ideal. With that said, the marketplace is solid. It’s well-designed, home to lots of prominent collections, and is cheap enough for everyday use.


  • Great range of cheap NFTs to buy
  • Vetting process
  • Cheap transaction
  • Well-designed


  • Could benefit from additional fiat payment options


Throughout this guide, we’ve taken a look at some of the cheapest NFT projects that are likely to perform well. There are a lot of factors that go into selecting strong NFT projects, with the most important being utility and hype. Each of the NFT projects we’ve looked at today offers both in spades but there was a clear winner.


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