The rapid growth of the NFT industry is attracting worldwide investors and mid 2022 trading volumes over $3.5 billion per month on OpenSea marketplace alone. Non-fungible tokens are finding applications in many parts of the tech space, art, and gaming.

Since NFTs are treated as digital collectibles of high value, NFT trading card games are a natural fit to that use case and have become just as popular as real trading cards. In this guide we list and highlight ten of the top NFT trading card games that have been a hit with gamers, attracting an international player base.

Top 10 NFT Trading Card Games – List

We’ll review NFT trading card games from a wide variety of gaming genres then also cover a crypto and NFT games platform we consider a good investment:

  1. Calvaria
  2. Gods Unchained
  3. Splinterlands
  4. Metropolis Origins
  5. Doctor Who – Worlds apart
  6. Skyweaver
  7. Dark Country
  8. Ether legends
  9. Sorare
  10. Spells of Genesis
  11. Parallel

What are NFT Trading Cards?

NFT Trading CardsAs NFTs are unique digital collectibles on the blockchain, they are well suited for use in video games – as in-game characters, consumables, and other limited edition tradeable items, such as an NFT trading card. In the GameFi world, NFT games are a popular way to make money as well as have fun – the play to earn concept (P2E).

Players can sell their NFTs to other players and collectors, whether they’re NFT trading cards or different types of token. The demand for these collectibles is high – the number of traders within the NFT gaming community exploded when games like Axie Infinity came onto the scene in 2021.

Reviews of the Best Trading Card Games

While each of the NFT trading card games we’ll review below has had widespread acclaim from players and gaming reviewers, several factors differentiate their gameplay. If you’re new to the concept of NFT gaming, check out our top NFT games guide.

1. Calvaria

There are rarely any NFT card games that have garnered the kind of attention that Calvaria has. Announced in 2022, Calvaria is one of the most creatively made P2E games to be introduced recently. The official name for the game is Calvaria- Duels of Eternity, and the native token for the project is called RIA. The project has managed to amass a massive community just weeks from its initial announcement.

Naturally, seeing a new project growing in popularity is common. However, the best part about Calvaria is that, unlike many of its counterpart, the developers for this game have not just focused on the defi part of the game. They have actively strived to create a concept that investors would actually find appealing. It has one of the best storylines, and has a whole universe supporting the backstory called the Calvaria Universe.

The Calvaria Universe too, is divided into three parts or locations. These parts go by the name- Arcilla Divina, Miaquilia and The Void. Every NFT character on the card are built around these three locations’ theme setting. The game boasts a doxxed team, along with features about it on some of the most notable crypto websites like Cryptonews, Yahoo Finance, Benzinga etc.

At the time of writing, the RIA token is still in its presael phase. This makes it the best period to start stocking up on project’s native token. The ongoing presale aims to give away 15% of the total supply, which amounts to about 150,000,000 tokens. The demand for the presale has been surging with time too, which has caused the investors to expect the presale to end earlier than anticipated.

2. Gods Unchained

Arguably one of the most well-received and successful NFT games, Gods Unchained was founded by tech siblings Robert and Jamie Ferguson. The founders who previously worked with the Ethereum developers around 2015, went on to create the first multiplayer blockchain-based game, the first trading card game using cryptography, and the first-ever ZK rollup on Ethereum, namely Immutable X.

Gods Unchained has a polished and sleek design which gets the player hooked. The intense competition among players has seen a rise in the number of users stacking up decks of tradeable cards that represent characters of various power levels and rarity. These cards can then be used to play against random players which allows the user to receive the native token GODS.

Gods unchained NFT game

GODS is an Ethereum token that is used to run the various functions within the game. It is primarily used to craft NFTs and other items within the game. Voting rights on the future of the game too are given to those with the GODS tokens. The GODS token became so popular it was even listed for trading on crypto exchange Bitstamp.

One of the hiccups that Gods Unchained has been facing in 2022 is that regardless of its excellent gameplay, it runs on the Ethereum Network. That means users have to pay some gas fees for every micro transaction.

Its crypto game team has been seeking solutions for that and announced its intent to shift the entire game to a cheaper and better blockchain solution. The game keeps a consistent roadmap and provides incentives to the players by giving them weekend rankings and other rewards.

In May 2022 the GODS token rallied back above $1 after it was announced that royalties would be added to Gods Unchained NFTs when sold on secondary NFT marketplaces, and 20% of royalty fees would go towards the GODS staking pool – an added incentive for both NFT creators and token holders.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.

3. Splinterlands

Created by Mathew Rosen, Splinterlands is a decentralized, blockchain-based NFT trading card game based in Media, Pennsylvania. Founded in 2018, Splinterlands has managed to take its place as one of the top played blockchain games ever; with over 1.8 million users worldwide. It was inspired by classic trading card games like Magic the Gathering.

It is a free NFT game that can be played on desktop as well as mobile devices since the app was released by the team lately. Certain abilities and functions are limited to the desktop version itself. The primary battling mode and the building decks part of the game are integrated into the mobile app itself.

Splinterlands NFT game

The cards mentioned are collectible items that have been in high demand for a while now due to the popularity of the game. They can be converted into ERC-721 tokens and can then be sold for a profit on secondary NFT marketplaces like Opensea, Binance NFT, and others.

Built on the Hive Blockchain, which facilitates L2 project developments, Splinterlands boasts of being the top project on the network. Since it features several tokens, the Splinterlands ecosystem is vast and hosts several smaller projects – but the Splinterlands trading card game is the single most successful offering yet by the Project. Its native token Splintershards is listed on

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.

4. Metropolis Origins

Metropolis Origins is one of those crypto games that makes waves because of the team working behind it. Developed by legendary gamer Graeme Devine, and a couple of other tech professionals and gamers from QXR studios, Metropolis Origins has achieved a strong brand recognition within crypto gaming due to the authenticity of the team behind it as well as the look and feel of the game.

Set in a Cyberpunk world, the game allows users to play against AI bots or other players from around the world. It includes team factions that the player can choose from – Corporate, Government and Underground. Players can start with the game as soon as they purchase a trading card pack by entering the city within the game, Metropolis.

Metropolis game

Built on the WAX blockchain, Metropolis Origin is neither a pay-to-win nor a play-to-earn game. The means of income or money as such can be made by trading the cards acquired in the game as NFTs on several marketplaces. The team did mention it plans on introducing an in-game P2E format in the future.

With big names in the digital art industry like Andy Lenning (Guardians of the Galaxy) and Austin Grossman (System Shock, Dishonoured), the project has already made its way to several top gaming and NFT websites. The game alpha has been released and mobile versions and the entire game is set to be launched in 2022.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.

5. Doctor Who – Worlds Apart

Doctor Who is one of the most famous sci-fi shows to have ever been made. Rivaled only by top franchises like Star Wars and Star Trek, Doctor Who has made countless fans over the years. Launched by the BBC, it has been watched and loved by millions of viewers worldwide.

Worlds Apart is a blockchain-based digital NFT trading card game that revolves around the same franchise and the characters within the TV series.

Developed by Reality Gaming Group, Worlds Apart is one of the best NFT trading card games to have been launched with a plot tied around a mainstream TV show. NFT collectors and Doctor Who fans can collect trading cards as they play and then trade them on NFT marketplaces to the wide audience of collectors looking to stock up on exclusive franchise merch.

Doctor who NFT game

Built on the Ethereum chain, the Doctor Who game shows various periods and the adventures that the chosen character sets out to while collecting rewards along every step of it. The player controls a Time Lord, of a race in the game.

Tony Pearce, the co-founder of Reality stated that since it had been hard for the fans to get a hang around the entire concept of blockchain and NFT trading cards, they were hoping to make it easier with their partnership with the BBC. Starting from October 2020, players could collect cards before the game’s release.

On August 20, 2021, a 50-card set featuring Time Lord Victorious cards was released with two different packs, the core, and premium. The former has an unlimited supply and the latter has a unique trading card frame that is limited to 10,000 copies.

6. Skyweaver

Created by Horizon Blockchain Games, which co-created the ERC-1155 NFT standard, Skyweaver is an entirely F2P game that has struck a chord with many crypto gamers. The company launched its open-beta for users in 2022. The web3 cross-platform trading card game is a ready to play model and consists of an app for mobile gamers as well as desktop users.

Gamers can own, trade, or gift their NFT cards to friends as they wish. The game visuals are similar to several in-the-now games that are being widely accepted by the audience. The game allows players to cast spells, summon creatures, and fight random opponents called skyweavers from all over the world.

Skyweaver game

Stated as an easy game to learn, mastering this NFT trading card game could be a hard feat with competition within the game increasing steadily, thanks to the high returns that can be made through trading its NFT cards.

The game has been in development since 2019 and is founded by the famous Alex Ohanian, co-founder, and co-owner of Reddit and Cloud9 respectively. As a long term proponent of NFTs, Alex said in a tweet that he believed the NFT trading card game concept would be a new experience for the players and a chance to relive their childhood that was filled with fun times collecting trading cards.

7. Dark Country

A game perfect for cowboy fans who are into the wild west setting. This gothic-themed game filled with haunted Indians, cowboys, rangers, ghosts, zombies, and demons has attracted a wide player base.

Developed by Immortal Games, the idea for Dark Country was again inspired by classic CCG games like Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering. The developers bring together all the top elements in this genre to make this game one of the best in its class while being an NFT integrated game. To provide players with maximum liquidity of their assets, it is built on a multichain framework, for diverse interoperability.

Dark country NFT

Tournaments and more community activities have been planned for the games and rewards have been set up since the alpha launch itself. The community for the game seems to be growing at a phenomenal speed. One of the best NFT trading card games, it consists of 200 unique tradeable cards and four tribes, namely Ancentral Guard, Resolute Rangers, Cunning Crusaders, and Destructive Horde.

With an upcoming RPG layer, the game that is built on WAX and supported by FLOW is almost sure to be a giant success due to the much loved but rare theme. With a Twitter following of around 13k and a discord strength of 7k, the community too has been consistently active and involved in the project since its alpha release.

8. Ether Legends

Created by Elementeum Gaming, which was founded in 2017, the developers of this game have been a part of the industry for over a decade. The founder, Curren Mulvihill stated that they took a chance at creating a trading card game as they saw that blockchain tech could be used to make unbiased and fun games that would also give a chance for the players to make money. This is how the team created Ether Legends and the Elementeum or ELET token.

Elementeum Gaming claims to be a revolutionary game platform that provides a global marketplace that allows physical trading cards to be redeemed digitally, visualized, traded, or sold as digital assets. Based on the Ethereum blockchain, Ether Legends is the first release on this platform.

Ether legends NFT

The game’s illustrated art, design and skill-based gameplay distinguish it as a true original that allows for platform expansion and future game releases. This game platform uses Elementeum tokens as currency and a reward to support its digital ecosystem.

Powered by one of the most favored cryptocurrencies in the space, Enjin, Ether legends allows players to collect rewards, battle opponents, and forge trading cards. However the game is yet to be fully rolled out and has been keeping fans in suspense.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.

9. Spells of Genesis

Proudly presenting Spells of Genesis as their flagship mobile game, video game developers Evergreensoft and their partners All 4 Games created one of the most widely played and top-rated NFT trading card games. Spells of Genesis is the second of many games being developed by EverdreamSoft.

Their NFT trading card game featuring its BitCrystals token is designed to run on the Blockchain Gaming Platform currently being developed by the team. Everdreamsoft is also the creator of Moonga which is the number 1 RPG genre in Japan. BitCrystals is a digital asset that is created on Counterparty and is based on the Bitcoin network.

spells of genesis NFT

A fantasy adventure set in the world of Moonga, Spell of Genesis is an epic adventure. A fast-paced battle system allows players to combine their unique abilities and spells to strategically destroy enemies. Spell of Genesis combines intuitive gameplay with deep strategy commonly found in hardcore trading card games.

Achievements and daily quests are also available. A cryptocurrency integrated into the game makes it an innovative development in the mobile gaming industry. It is an interesting experiment that allows players to monetize their gameplay while building their assets with exchangeable financial value on decentralized global markets.

10. Parallel

Created by Sascha Mojtahedi, Parallel is an NFT game that takes place in the distant future. The game consists of NFT cards that can be traded on marketplaces for a profit. Several top players and streamers have tried their hand at the game and showcase the futuristic NFT collection of their games frequently.

Parallel utilizes non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to give players ownership of their cards and other game assets. The cards are available for building decks and playing in an online client / mobile game that is currently in development.

Parallel NFT game

‘Parallels’ are one of five streams of evolution humans have undergone at the same time, according to the game lore which includes Augencore, Earthen, Kathari, Marcolian, and The Shroud.

Each NFT trading card depicts a 3D rendering by the artist of a character or object. Running on Ethereum, each design is represented through an NFT. The deck consists of 40 cards, which may include both Parallel and Universal cards.

Universal cards as such do not belong to any particular Parallel and can be used in all decks. Other than a legendary card which is only allowed once, the other cards can be used up to three times in a deck.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.

11. Sorare

Football is undoubtedly the most sought-after sports in the entire world, with a massive fan base that has taken well to sports NFT drops. Football video games like FIFA have always stayed at the helm of the gaming industry too over the decades.

It wasn’t long before Nicholas Julia and Adrien Montfort decided to create an NFT trading card game based around fantasy football on the Ethereum blockchain.

The football industry in its entirely has a value in the hundreds of billions – but even just fantasy football, an online means of managing football teams in a game format, reportedly has a valuation around $20 billion. This staggering number seems to keep breaking records as the football gaming industry reaps more profits and breaks records consistently year after year.

Sorare Game NFT

Sorare is currently the top valued football NFT card game in the space, and even broke into the top NFTs by market cap. That came after the announcement they made recently regarding their Series B round of funding, where the project raised over $680 million putting them at a valuation of about $4.3 billion.

Players can make build their teams and use the same teams to challenge friends or battle it out to gain positions in the world rankings. Users are rewarded for setting up their team, participating in virtual tournaments, and trading their collectible cards.

This makes more people want to be a part of the game. Not to mention the masses of football fans that would buy any exclusive football merchandise of their favorite team or player – in this case as NFTs.

If you’re a football fan (or soccer in the United States) this is one of the best NFT trading card games to watch and invest in. Individual Sorare NFT trading card sales are tracked by Twitter bot accounts like @sorarebot – some rare NFTs are today sold for thousands of dollars.

The Best NFT Gaming Platform in 2024

lucky block logoWe’ve reviewed a list of the top NFT giveaways on this site. One that stands out is the Lucky Block crypto games and NFT competitions platform – they minted a collection of 10,000 limited edition NFTs with passive income utility.

As an alternative to buying of their NFTs – listed on NFT Launchpad at a current floor price of 3.75 wBNB – another way to take part is to invest in LBLOCK tokens. Similar to the Gods Unchained and Splinterlands tokens, LBLOCK is the native coin that powers the project.

LBLOCK had a 65x bull cycle in Q1 2022 from its launch on Pancakeswap at $0.00020 to its all time high of $0.0097, just under one cent when it was listed on centralized exchange LBank. Other CEX listings are on the roadmap such as KuCoin which could cause another price spike.

The LBLOCK token has now corrected to previous support levels at a cheap entry point for new investors, and still a 1000% gain on its presale valuation for current holders.


Even some real-life trading cards have sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars at auction. One Magic the Gathering Card, a rare ‘Alpha Black Lotus’ autographed by designer and artist Christopher Rush, was purchased at auction for $511,100.

It was only a matter of time before digital trading cards would also attract fans of the genre and become digital collectibles with their own value. For a collector with a good eye for rarity, they could be a good investment for the future.

Another way to profit in the six and even seven figures is to take part in the upcoming crypto and NFT jackpots hosted by Lucky Block. For the NFT jackpot, owning a tradeable Lucky Block NFT is your entry ticket – those are listed for sale at new marketplace NFT Launchpad, alongside many other NFT collections.

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