Any investor that has tried to get their hands on an NFT during a public mint is likely aware of how disappointing it feels to miss out. However, there is a way any investor can improve their chances of successfully minting an in-demand collection; presales. The only drawback to this method is that finding the best NFT presale to invest in can be rather challenging.

Luckily, we’ve done the research and compiled a top list, covering some of the best presale NFTs on the market. Each of the collections we’re taking a look at has a solid roadmap and provides some sort of utility. Let’s take a look.

The Best NFT Presales in 2024

Below, we’ve included a quick overview of each of presale NFT project. However, we’ve also added more detailed reviews of each in the section below. 

  1. Tamadoge  New 3D NFTs that Boost TAMA rewards
  2. MekaRIM – Play-to-Earn Presale NFT Collection
  3. WondeSecretClub – Retro NFT Collection with a Promising Roadmap
  4. Dads – Presale NFT Collection Created for Fathers Day
  5. Deskheads – NFT Collection Providing the Tools to Create in Web3
  6. The Causeways by Ethentic – Presale NFT Collection Merging the NFT and Physical Worlds
  7. Mavrix – Augmented Reality Presale NFT
  8. Beyond Citizens – Voxel-Style Presale NFT Collection
  9. AtomoVerse – Presale Project Creating Analytic Tools for NFTs
  10. Duppies – NFT Presale From an Established Team

A Closer Look at the Best New NFTs to Invest in

Finding the best NFT presale to invest in doesn’t have to be difficult. We’ve reviewed some new NFT projects to make the selection process a breeze.

1. Tamadoge – New 3D NFTs that Boost TAMA rewards

Tamadoge, a leading P2E project, has just dropped a new Tamadoge 3D NFT presale. These new NFTs can be used by players to boost their TAMA rewards on the Tamadoge Arcade.

Tamadoge 3d NFT

Simple 3D creatures with different attributes, these new NFTS give users access to a slew of new abilities. According to the official whitepaper, with the new NFTs, the player-character on the Tamadoge Arcade will jump higher, collect more coins, and have more abilities to dodge and combat creatures in the games.

The 3D NFTs are available in three tiers, starting from common to ultra-rate. Currently, Tamadoge has put no limit to the NFT presale, and it will only have one round. Devs also report that 100% of the revenue generated through these NFTs will be burned, which would limit the TAMA supply and boost its price.

Tamadoge has also set plans to introduce an NFT staking platform, which will reward those who stake their NFTs with passive gains.

3. MekaRIM – Play-to-Earn Presale NFT Collection

For investors that enjoy play-to-earn games, MekaRIM is the best NFT presale to invest in. The collection will consist of 10,000 3D robots with over 100 traits. Each NFT will be sold for 0.15 ETH, with the presale date set for the 16th July. Following the presale, two public sales will be held

metarim site

Ever wondered how to buy NFTs in 2024? Each NFT from the collection acts as an avatar in an upcoming P2E game with holders getting early access. The full release of the game is expected during Q3/Q4 2023 and considering its already been in development for six months, it seems like the team is taking its time to strive for perfection. Holders will also be entitled to a series of airdrops and exclusive mints linked to the upcoming game. There are also plans to release a currency called $CORE which is designed to power the entire MekaRIM ecosystem.

This collection is wildly exciting. The team is partnered with some big names like Bloomberg and Yahoo Finance which could be massively beneficial when it comes to marketing both the game and NFT collection. With such a clear roadmap, a plethora of strategic partners, and a focus on creating the best possible game, MekaRIM is gearing up to be the best NFT presale 2024.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.

4. WonderSecretClub – Retro NFT Collection with a Promising Roadmap

The WonderSecretClub (WSC) collection is composed of 5,555 unique retro NFT characters. The collection centers around a story about a group of kids that take on mystery in the fictional town Fortville. The mint has been temporally postponed due to extreme market volatility but updates will be posted on the project’s Discord. Each NFT will cost 0.04 ETH during presale and 0.05 ETH during the public sale.

Wonder secret club site

The WSC has big plans for the future. Each holder will get access to the Wonder Secret Club where the team will host exclusive competitions and giveaways with some exciting prizes. A large portion of the funds raised from the project (30%) will be sent to the community wallet which will fund the WSC decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). NFT holders will be able to vote on the services/projects that the community fund is spent on and will also have a say in the future direction of the collection.

As the project is essentially an interactive story, it will bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and the real world, by getting published as a comic book once the story progresses sufficiently. On top of this, there’s the potential for an apparel line to be created based on the clothing worn by the WSC characters. Furthermore, the team will host a plethora of real-life social events and exhibitions. With a great story, an excellent community, and both real/virtual utility, the WSC could end up being one of the best NFT presales to invest in.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.

5. Dads – Presale NFT Collection Created for Fathers Day

Created by artist and father of three, Rami Niemi, Dads is a collection of 6000 unique NFT fathers. The collection was created in celebration of fathers day and will be available to mint on July 2nd (presale) and July 3rd (public). Each NFT will be 0.09 ETH.

dads nft site

Niemi has a well-defined plan for the future of the Dads collection. Each holder will become a ‘Dads member’ and receive priority access to any future drops or collaborations. Dads members will also be made patrons of the Fount Gallery, meaning they can enjoy early access to a wide range of art. On top of that, holders will be entitled to high-quality merch and collaborative pieces from well-known brands. Furthermore, each Dads NFT comes with merchandising rights for up to $150,000.

The collection is well designed, full of utility, and sends a positive message. The project is the first from the new Fount Gallery, meaning holders will benefit from early access to future projects from the upcoming platform. Additionally, the team is fully doxed and all actively contribute to the Dads community, making it one of the best NFT presales to invest in for those looking for a project with a highly active community.

6. Deskheads – NFT Collection Providing the Tools to Create in Web3

Deskheads is a collection of presale NFTs created by and centered around desk workers. The project is built upon the Ethereum blockchain and has a supply of just 5000. Like Dads, the Deskheads team has chosen to temporally postpone minting until the market conditions are more favorable. While this is unfortunate, it means there’s even more time to get involved in the presale.

Deskheads site

While the project features phenomenal designed artwork, the utility offered is even better. Each holder will become a part of the Deskheads community and be provided with the tools to create on web3. The team has created a ‘studio’ for artists, developers, entrepreneurs, and content creators to share their ideas and receive assistance/funding from others. The ‘Lab’ will blend web2 and web3 by providing holders with a series of useful tools and software that can be used to create web3 projects.

The Deskheads is clearing planning for the future, with the team outlining a few key areas that they devote resources to. NFT holders will be thanked for their early support with a series of airdrops linked to future projects and the team will even begin developing its own suite of web3 tools that will be accessible to owners of the collection. While it’s a shame that the minting date has been postponed, the Deskheads collection shows massive promise.

7. The Causeways by Ethentic – Presale NFT Collection Merging the NFT and Physical Worlds

The Causeways, the latest presale NFT collection from Ethentic, is a series of 2,500 NFTs based on the Giants Causeway in Ireland. The mint date is set for July 14th with the presale taking place earlier in the day. Spots are awarded based on engagement on Twitter and Discord.

the causeways site

What makes The Causeways different from other NFT collections is its focus on the physical world. Rather than just existing on the blockchain, each NFT from this collection can also be 3D printed, to give the holder a tangible version of their art. As Ethentic states, if the minting goes well, each holder will be offered a physical version of their NFT. However, even if that route proves unviable, each model associated with every NFT is stored on-chain so the holder will have the option to print themselves.

In addition to full ownership of both the NFTs and their associated models, each holder will be awarded  NILON membership, a community that Ethentic claims will ‘lay the foundation for web3D’. Furthermore, membership will provide access to more exclusive non-fungible token presales later down the line. The Causeways is an interesting collection, few projects provide their holders with both on-chain and physical versions of their NFT so it’ll be intriguing to see where the concept goes.

8. Mavrix – Augmented Reality Presale NFT

Mavrix stands for ‘Multiverse Augmented- Virtual- Reality Interactive Xperience’. The collection will consist of 9,999 NFTs with the expected mint date falling on July 31st. The price & presale date are yet to be announced but as the project develops details will be released via Twitter and Discord.

mavrix site

One of the more unique aspects of the Mavrix collection is the ability to wear your NFT using an augmented reality app. Holders will have the option of downloading an app available on both Android and Apple to see how they’d look blended with the NFT they own. Outside of AR, holders are entitled to a fair few benefits. The Mavrix team will be hosting daily giveaways of 0.2 ETH for 90 days following mint on top of a once-per-week 1 ETH giveaway for the next 3 years. The project has also dedicated 30% of the funds generated from royalties to the community wallet and will allow holders to vote on the project’s future development.

On top of the extensive list of currently implemented benefits, the Mavrix team also hasbig plans for the future. The development of an AR treasure hunt game is expected to finish at some point during 2023 in which NFT holders will be awarded several benefits. For fans of AR, Mavrix is likely the best NFT presale to invest in.

9. Beyond Citizens – Voxel-Style Presale NFT Collection

Beyond Rockets is an interesting collection of 10,000 profile picture (PFP) style presale NFTs. Built upon the ADA network, each Beyond Citizen will cost 50 ADA during the presale (June 30th) and 90 ADA during the public sale (July 1st).

beyond citizens site

The Beyond Citizens collection was created to be a part of the Beyond Rockets ecosystem. The initial Beyond Rockets NFT project was released in June 2021 and consisted of a collection of voxel-style cities. Created from 8 ‘DNAs’, 300+ traits, and a plethora of accessories, each Beyond Citizen is unique and deliberately styled. The project is aiming to create the finest voxel style NFT art, and with plenty of planned utility, it could be one of the best NFT presales 2024.

While quite a lot of the plans for Beyond Citizens are still under wraps, the team is planning on creating a way each of the collections can interact with one another. Although it’s too early to guess exactly how this feature will be implemented, it’s sure to boost projects and help to create a bustling NFT ecosystem. With a presale discount of almost 50%, the Beyond Citizens collection could be a great way to get in early on a project with lots of potential.

10. AtomoVerse – Presale Project Creating Analytic Tools for NFTs

The AtomoVerse is a 5,555-piece collection that consists of unique algorithmically generated NFTs. The final price is yet to be announced but the release date is scheduled for July 28th. There are a couple of ways to get access to the presale. Firstly, investors that interact on the collection’s Twitter and Discord platforms can be awarded presale access. Secondly, by purchasing a genesis AtomoKid, the holder will be entitled to mint 3 pieces and will receive 1 free mint from the upcoming collection.

atomoverse site

The team is working on an interesting technology called Flava Tools. This tool will allow investors to view a breakdown of their NFTs as well as any profiles on the OpenSea marketplace and it’ll be made available to genesis holders for free. In a similar vein to the Mutant Ape Yacht Club, holders of an Atomo will be able to mutant their NFT by sending it through a portal, paving the way for lots of interesting development in the future. Eventually, it’ll be possible to stake an Atomo and earn $ATOMO which can then be spent on various products like early presales from partnered projects as well as art from the collection’s lead artist.

While it’s still early days for the AtomoVerse it’s one of the best NFT presales to invest in for future-focused investors.

11. Duppies – NFT Presale From an Established Team

From the team that created DeGods comes Duppies, a collection of 15,000 unique NFTs. Each will cost 375 $DUST (the currency from the DeGods ecosystem). The launch date is set for July 15th and presale will be awarded to investors that actively engage in the project’s Discord/Twitter or anyone that owns a DeGod NFT.

duppies site

The Duppies team will release a unique staking system that allows holders to level up their NFT and earn $DUST, all without having to stake any tokens themselves. Despite the collection using the token from the team’s previous venture for minting, they remain adamant that the  Duppies collection will become its own standalone IP rather than being just a part of a parent collection. While details surrounding Duppies are fairly scarce, the team is composed of veteran NFT creators and will likely release a polished final product.

Although there are minimal details about the path the Duppies collection will take, DeGods, the team’s previous endeavor currently has a floor price of a massive 389 SOL with 600,000+ SOL in trading volume. This gives us plenty of hope that Duppies could shape up to the best NFT presale to invest in this year.

How do NFT Presales Work?

While the terminology used by NFT collections can be difficult to understand and act as a barrier to entry for those new to the space, the process of participating in a non-fungible token presale is fairly straightforward.

Typically when a new NFT collection is set to release, it will do so in stages. Typically the presale will come first and participants can purchase NFTs ahead of the general public and usually for a discount (although some collections keep prices the same for fairness).

To get involved in an NFT presale, an investor will typically have to actively engage with the project’s community. Most commonly, NFT collections build their communities on Twitter and Discord so it’s worth registering for both ahead of trying to participate in any presales.

Once presale access has been granted, the purchasing process is pretty much identical to buying an NFT.

How to Find the Top New NFT Presales

The best way to find new NFT projects is by looking through social media to see which collections have a good following. However, one of the hardest aspects of the presale process is finding a good project to invest in. There are thousands of NFT collections out there, but very few will make it far. Luckily, we’ve got a few handy tips to make finding the best NFT presale to invest in much simpler.

  • The Team – At the core of any project is its team. It’s important to look at the team’s track records to see if they have past experience that could help the development of the project. Conversely, it’s also key to ensure the team hasn’t participated in any scams or rug pulls.
  • Art – One of the main draws of any NFT collection is its art. For a collection to be the best NFT presale to invest in, having eye-catching, well-designed art is a must. It doesn’t need to be needlessly complex, but it must look professional.
  • Utility – Without utility, an NFT project is nothing more than art stored on the blockchain. Adding utility to a project can take it to the next level and incentivize investors to stick around for the long haul.
  • Future Plans – It’s always worth checking what a project has planned for the future. The best NFT presale to invest in will always have a well-defined plan for the future.

Are Presale NFTs a Good Investment?

Ultimately, whether a presale NFT makes a good investment will depend on the individual project and the factors we discussed in the previous section. However, once those criteria have been satisfied, there are a couple of reasons why taking part in a non-fungible token presale is superior to a public minting.

Beat the Rush

Collections are released with a limited number of NFTs for a good reason; supply and demand. If a collection has hundreds of thousands of social media followers and there are only 10,000 NFTs, the collection is almost guaranteed to sell out near-instantly. While this is great for the project, it’s not ideal for an investor. After researching a project extensively and waiting until mint day, the last thing anybody wants is to miss out.

Participating in an NFT presale can offer investors a far greater chance of success. As the spots on a presale are often limited and rewarded based on merit, there’s far less competition. This can make it easier to snag a hyped NFT by orders of magnitude.

Lower Cost

Everybody loves a discount and presales are an investor’s ticket to a discount of hyped NFTs. The best NFT presales to invest in will usually reward their early supporters by slightly dropping the price on presale NFTs. This helps to get people interested in the project and tends to ensure that at least a portion of the collection will sell out.

When the public sale occurs and NFTs begin to get listed on secondary marketplaces, the minting price will usually act as a bassline floor price. Even if a presale NFT investor gets unlucky with rarity, if they bought at a discounted price, it’s still possible to turn a profit. This means that investing in the  best NFT presales 2024 can reduce risk and increase profits.


Throughout this guide, we’ve taken a look at the best NFT presale to invest in and explored how to find the best NFT presale 2024. Each of the projects we’ve reviewed are solid and have the markings of a great project.

Tamadoge NFT is the latest NFT presale to watch out for. These 3D NFTs can boost TAMA rewards for playing games on the Tamadoge Arcade. Also, since 100% of the total revenue generated will be burned to limit TAMA supply, these NFTs are a good buy.


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