The NFT market continues to go from strength to strength, with new and exciting use cases being discovered for these digital assets on a regular basis. Lottery systems are one use case that has begun attracting attention from certain quarters of the media, offering users the chance to win NFTs in a randomized fashion.

This article will review the best NFT lottery sites on the market, discussing what they are and how they work, before showing you how to participate in an NFT lottery today – all from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

The 5 Best NFT Lottery Sites in 2024

NFT lotteries offer a new take on traditional lottery systems, appealing to the new crypto-savvy generation. Listed below are five of the best NFT lottery sites available to use – each of which will be reviewed in the following section:

  1. Lucky BlockOverall Best Crypto Gaming Site
  2. ApolloX – Best NFT lottery Site for Regular Prize Draws
  3. NFT Play – One of the Best Free NFT Lottery Sites for Beginners
  4. DeLotty – Upcoming NFT Lottery Site with Metaverse Features
  5. HogLottery – Best NFT Lottery Site for NFT-based Prizes

On the other hand, some NFT-enthusiasts are eager to find the best metaverse NFT projects in 2024. Read our convenient guide for more details on metaverse NFTs.

A Closer Look at the Best NFT Lotteries

Many of the best NFT games are beginning to incorporate lottery features into their gameplay since the lottery industry is projected to grow rapidly in the coming years. With that in mind, let’s explore the lottery sites noted above, ensuring you have all the information you need to game safely and optimally:

1. Lucky Block – Overall Best Crypto Gaming Site

lucky block logoLeading the way when it comes to crypto gaming is Lucky Block. Lucky Block is an exciting new platform hosted on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that leverages the power of blockchain technology to offer a selection of fair and transparent online games.

These include daily prize draws and NFT jackpots, along with the platform’s upcoming ‘Games Gallery’.

The recent launch of Lucky Block NFTs formed the foundation of how players will be given a chance to win lucrative prizes. Each NFT within the collection acts as an ‘entry ticket’ into exclusive daily jackpot draws worth an estimated $10,000. Interestingly, 25 ‘Special Editions’ are included in the Lucky Block NFT collection, which allow the holder to receive double the prize if their number comes up.

Lucky Block prize draws

This is made even more appealing since these NFT draws run separately from Lucky Block’s main prize draws, which anyone can enter. Tickets for the latter cost $5 and are paid for using LBLOCK – Lucky Block’s native token. Ultimately, this means that NFT owners will have two chances every day to win one of Lucky Block’s jackpots.

In addition to this, all NFT holders will be automatically entered into a special one-off prize draw to win $1 million. The main prize draws, NFT draws, and this one-off draw are scheduled to commence in mid-May, with the former two continuing daily. Since jackpots are distributed in LBLOCK, winners will be able to receive their prize payouts almost instantly.

Lucky Block NFT Bonus Number

Finally, once all of Lucky Block’s NFTs have been sold, the development team will hold a special prize draw – with one lucky winner heading home with a brand new Lamborghini Aventador valued at over $300,000. Due to the numerous compelling ways that NFT owners can earn prizes, Lucky Block is undoubtedly one of the best play to earn games this year.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

2. ApolloX – Best NFT lottery Site for Regular Prize Draws

Another of the best lottery sites to keep in mind is ApolloX. Put simply, ApolloX is one of the best crypto exchanges for derivatives trading, offering a mix of centralized and decentralized features. On the ApolloX platform, users can trade cryptocurrencies and generate staking rewards in a user-friendly fashion. However, ApolloX also offers an online lottery service where users can earn free NFT prizes.

Launched in March, the ApolloX NFT lottery game is a ‘GameFi’ product that allows players to create NFTs and share prize pool bonuses. Users must purchase APX, ApolloX’s native token, to buy tickets for each round of this NFT lottery. Alongside other prizes, ApolloX also injects 100,000 APX into each iteration of the lottery – which equates to around $7,250 at the time of writing.

ApolloX review

Owners of an ApolloX Rocket NFT will have priority access to mint lottery tickets – although if you’re wondering how to flip NFTs, these assets are also applicable to that trading strategy. Finally, ApolloX even has a ‘Learn & Earn’ feature where users can earn free NFT rewards simply for reviewing a selection of educational resources.

3. NFT Play – One of the Best Free NFT Lottery Sites for Beginners

NFT Play is an online portal that offers a selection of user-friendly online games filled with exciting prizes. The two main games on offer by NFT Play include ‘Crypto Magic War’ and the ‘DAO Lottery’, both of which can be accessed through NFT Play’s web-based platform.

The DAO Lottery service is one of the best play to earn games on the NFT Play platform, offering attractive prize terms to all players. Jackpots are paid in NFP token, the platform’s native cryptocurrency, with multiple prizes available in each draw. The platform’s whitepaper also details plans to include NFT characters and other items within the ecosystem’s games, which can then be swapped through a dedicated NFT marketplace.

NFT Play review

This new NFT project is still in its infancy, so most of its features are not yet built out. However, the platform’s roadmap lays out plans to develop other NFT lottery games, with many offering scope to provide a passive income stream. There are even plans to offer a launchpad for other blockchain gaming projects, which would be available through the NFT Play website.

4. DeLotty – Upcoming NFT Lottery Site with Metaverse Features

DeLotty is one of the best NFT lottery sites on the market, offering attractive prize terms built into a user-friendly online experience. The platform aims to bring lotteries into Web 3.0 by integrating metaverse aspects and removing all of the negative characteristics of legacy lotto systems, such as long payout timescales and region-specific draws.

DeLotty offers some of the best NFTs to buy within the NFT lottery space, with the collection containing 7,777 Ethereum-based digital assets. All NFTs are randomly generated and provide owners with a stake in the DeLotty platform. This allows owners to receive a share of the ticket revue produced through DeLotty’s lotteries – creating a regular passive income stream.

DeLotty review

Although the platform has not yet been launched, the website details some exciting features to be aware of. DeLotty will also allow NFT holders to stake and breed their NFTs, providing compelling value propositions. Finally, DeLotty will also be structured as DAO once it is officially launched – making this one of the best upcoming NFT lotteries of the year.

5. HogLottery – Best NFT Lottery Site for NFT-based Prizes

Rounding off our list of the best NFT lottery sites is HogLottery. HogLottery is an online NFT lottery platform that provides weekly jackpots available to users of the Solana blockchain. The process of taking part is easy, requiring users to connect a Solana-enabled crypto wallet to the platform, purchase a lotto ticket, and wait for the draw to take place on HogLottery’s Discord server.

The exciting thing about HogLottery’s draws is that users can win NFTs that may rise in value. Most of the NFTs on offer are pieces of digital artwork, with most prize draws only containing between 100 and 500 entrants. This means that there’s always a solid chance of winning each NFT offered as a prize.

HogLottery review

HogLottery also offers a selection of the best NFT games, including a card-based game called ‘Hogger or Lower’ where users can earn crypto-based prizes. Finally, the platform even offers a ‘Pigsel NFT’ draw, where users can mint a ‘Pigsel’ NFT and then enter exclusive prize draws to win whitelist spots, Solana NFTs, and $SOL cash prizes.

How do NFT Lottery Sites Work?

Now that you understand which providers offer the best NFT lottery sites, let’s explore how these lotteries actually work. In essence, NFT lotteries function similarly to the best crypto lottery sites in the sense that entrants can purchase tickets and earn prizes for having matching numbers.

To enter NFT lotteries, users must buy cryptocurrency beforehand and use their holdings to purchase tickets. The specific cryptocurrency required will vary from platform to platform – with many using their native transactional token for ticket purchases. However, NFT lotteries may also ‘mint’ users’ tickets, making them non-fungible and unable to be tampered with.

Alongside crypto-based prizes, many NFT lotteries also offer NFTs as prizes. HogLottery is one such example of this, allowing users to buy tickets for the chance to win Solana-based NFTs. Other prize draws, such as those offered by Lucky Block, are exclusive to NFT holders. Thus, NFTs play a significant role in how these gaming systems are run.

NFT Lottery sites

Aside from the wide variety of prizes on offer, the best NFT lottery sites also come with a range of additional benefits relative to legacy lotto systems:

  • Tickets tend to come in the form of NFTs, meaning they are non-fungible and clearly show who the owner is.
  • Since these systems operate on the blockchain, jackpot distribution is faster than FIAT-based lotteries.
  • Blockchain technology allows people from all over the world to buy lottery tickets and participate in NFT prize draws.
  • The decentralized nature of blockchain networks ensures that all transactions are transparent, reducing (or removing) the chance for fraud to occur.

Ultimately, these benefits will appeal to those who invest in NFTs regularly, as well as complete newcomers to this area of the market. Most of the platforms on our list are designed with beginners in mind, with clear instructions on how to buy lottery tickets and take part in prize draws.

When researching where to play online lottery, it’s wise to look into the regulation within your state. The laws surrounding online gambling within the US can sometimes appear unclear since there are both Federal and State regulations to be aware of, although there are two main questions to keep in mind:

  1. Is online gambling legal in my state?
  2. Are cryptocurrency-based services (e.g. trading/payments) legal in my state?

There is currently no overarching law that directly prohibits NFT lotteries, as they tend to fall under the remit of online gambling. As such, if you are abiding by state regulations, then NFT lotteries are fine to enter.

However, it’s also worth noting that the NFT and crypto markets are relatively new in the grand scheme of things. As such, rules and regulations surrounding these assets are ever-changing. Due to this, you must keep up-to-date on any changes that relate to NFT lotteries to ensure you’re operating in a safe and legal manner.

How to Enter the Lucky Block NFT Lottery – Quick Guide

  1. Visit the marketplace Lucky Block NFTs are listed at, NFT Launchpad
  2. Have your Metamask wallet ready with 3.75 wBNB in funds (wrapped Binance Coin) – the current floor price
  3. Click on the Lucky Block NFTs page, the top left collection on the homepage
  4. Choose the NFT you want to buy – whether it’s a rare token will be revealed on purchase
  5. Click ‘Connect Wallet’ in the top right of the screen
  6. Buy your NFT
  7. Wait for the inaugural NFT lottery draw in mid May – you’ll be automatically entered into prize draws, including the $1 million NFT jackpot

Admins in the official Telegram group can also assist – note they will never DM you first and scammers do try to DM people. Don’t click on any links sent you by DM.

Several video tutorials have been created by the Lucky Block team:

Also read the pinned posts in the group as those cover most FAQs. If you do ask a question in the chat group first turn off DMs from people not in your contacts in your Telegram settings.

Best NFT Lottery Sites – Conclusion

This guide has taken an in-depth look at the best NFT lottery sites on the market, discussing what they are and how they work. Although this area of the NFT market is still in its infancy, it has already been attracting attention from certain corners of the crypto market – meaning there’s undoubted potential for expansion in the months ahead.

As touched on earlier, our number one crypto gaming platform is Lucky Block. By owning a Lucky Block NFT, you’ll have two chances to win a lucrative prize every day. In addition, all NFT owners will even be entered into an exclusive prize draw to win $1 million once Lucky Block’s main jackpot goes live.

lucky block logo

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.


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