While many non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have no real-world utility, a number of projects in this space are now offering lucrative giveaways. 

This includes everything from free cryptocurrency tokens and merchandise to $1 million in cash and a brand new Lamborghini. 

In this guide, we explore the best NFT giveaways available right now.

The Top NFT Giveaways for 2024

Below you will find a list of the nine best NFT giveaway prizes available to claim right now:

  1. Tamadoge – P2E Meme Token Platform Offering NFT Giveaways
  2. Silks – A P2E Game that Mirrors Real-World Horse Racing
  3. Lucky Block – Exciting NFT Giveaway With $1 Million Cash and a Brand New Lamborghini
  4. Battle Infinity – One of the Top NFT Giveaways for 2024
  5. Material World – Win Your Share of a $275,000 Giveaway
  6. MECH.GAME – Giveaway Prizes Including 2 ETH and 10 Free NFTs
  7. Wizardia – $10,000 USDT and NFT Giveaway
  8. SKULLX – 1 Free NFT Giveaway Worth 0.08 ETH
  9. MetaBlobs – 100,000 Free NFTs

A Closer Look at the Best NFT Giveaways

If you’ve heard of the best play to earn games chances are you’ll be interested in the world of non-fungible tokens. NFT giveaways give you the opportunity to win attractive prizes. In many cases, you will need to hold the project’s NFT in order to be eligible. 

As such, you need to focus on the long-term credentials of the NFT project in addition to any giveaways that it is offering.

As per our market research, we found that the best NFT giveaway projects are those discussed below.

1. Tamadoge – P2E Meme Token Platform Offering NFT Giveaways

TAMA logo Tamadoge is a revolutionary meme coin project that combines play-to-earn (P2E) mechanics with a metaverse setting. Tamadoge’s gameplay revolves around a PVP battling mechanic, allowing users to earn ‘Dogepoints’ and climb the leaderboard.

Users must own a Tamadoge Pet to participate in these PVP battles. These Tamadoge Pets are structured as NFTs, each having its own strengths and attributes that inform how valuable it is in-game.

Tamadoge NFTs

Although the Tamadoge ecosystem is still in development at the time of writing, the team has already released its NFTs, with the Ultra Rare pets becoming the top trending collection on OpenSea after launch.

Those looking to make money with NFTs can invest in those offered by Tamadoge, which are divided into three classifications – Common, Rare, and Ultra-Rare. Each NFT informs the strength of the user’s Tamadoge Pet, meaning that the rarer an NFT is, the stronger the Pet. In turn, this leads to better performance in PVP battles.

These NFT drops will undoubtedly continue to be in high demand, given the development team’s plans for Tamadoge-themed arcade games and a dedicated augmented-reality (AR) app.

Those looking to keep tabs on any updates related to the project can join the official Tamadoge Telegram group.

Tamadoge completed its presale in 2022 after raising $19 million and the token was then listed on exchanges, reaching an all-time high (ATH) of $0.19 – over a 5x price jump from the list price and near-20x from the presale price.

With its limited supply and ecosystem continuing to be developed, TAMA is expected to pump once again when market conditions improve.

2. Silks – A P2E Game that Mirrors Real-World Horse Racing

Silks logo

Silks is one of the most interesting P2E games on this list. It offers an experience unavailable in any other game in the crypto market, allowing you to buy, trade, and race thoroughbred racehorses. What’s even more unique about Silks is that it mirrors real-world horse racing, an $11 billion industry.

The P2E mechanics allows players to earn rewards for various activities – and if their real-world horse counterpart wins in an event. There are also NFT rewards, and this is especially important as Silks is currently conducting its sale for Silks Avatars.

Silks Avatars are worth diving into in detail. This is a collection of 10,000 unique avatars, the digital equivalent of jockeys. You need one of these to participate in the game. There are several benefits to owning a Silks Avatar, including a lifetime mint pass for the annual Genesis Yearling Sale, exclusive experiences, giveaways, and IRL events. These activities earn players rewards. Avatars have different traits and rarities.

65% of Silks Avatars have already been sold, despite the short time it has been running. It has also reached the top 10 sports NFTs on OpenSea and is listed on the Nansen.ai Top 50 Gaming Index.

Silks is increasingly being touted as the number 1 fantasy sports Web3 game on the market right, and it’s not surprising to see why with the high participation in the Silks Avatar promo.

There are a few features in particular worth noting about Silks. First, there are various NFT collections, including Silks Horses, Stables, Land, and the aforementioned Avatars. These are all used in various game mechanics. There is also the option to stake in the Community Horse Farms, which offers good rewards for those that don’t have too much time to play the game. You can build Horse Farms on Silks Land yourself in exchange for a fixed fee and a share of the rewards generated by Silks Horses.

It hasn’t taken much for Silks to rise quickly through the ranking of the P2E games space. The variety of NFT collections and the many game mechanics make Silks one to watch.

3. Lucky Block – NFT Giveaway With $1 Million Cash and a Brand New Lamborghini

lucky block logo

Lucky Block is a new and innovative crypto gaming ecosystem that allows its token holders to win weekly prizes. Each gaming outcome is backed by blockchain and smart contract technology – which ensures complete fairness and randomness. 

In addition to the project’s LBLOCK token – which is one of the best-performing crypto assets of the year, Lucky Block has also created unique NFT collections. By holding a Lucky Block NFT, you will be eligible for a range of notable perks. 

lucky block hp

The most attractive prize on offer is a Lamborghini. You can earn a chance to win the prize by holding a Platinum Rollers Club NFT. Lucky Block has also launched more NFT collections with attractive prizes up for grabs. This includes a  house worth $1M in the UK, a five-days luxury holiday, BTC worth $1M, and a BAYC NFT. The winners are randomly selected after each collection sells out. 

Notably, the NFTs accrue rewards in LBLOCK tokens over time. Moreover, the platform has launched attractive weekly competitions on Gleam for users who hold Platinum Rollers Club NFTs and the competition NFTs mentioned above. They also need to complete the specific tasks listed for each weekly giveaway to earn eligibility for the rewards. 

4. Battle Infinity – Top NFT Giveaway for 2024

Battle InfinityAnother top pick when it comes to this year’s NFT giveaways is Battle Infinity. This crypto-gaming platform has burst onto the scene over the past few weeks, thanks to its exciting metaverse elements and ‘play-to-earn’ (P2E) mechanisms.

The Battle Infinity ecosystem comprises six components, each offering users a way to earn rewards or interact with others. The IBAT Premier League is Battle Infinity’s main feature, consisting of a fantasy sports league facilitated using NFTs. In this league, users can construct sports teams and earn points based on each player’s real-world performance.

Battle Infinity

Those with the most points will rise the IBAT Premier League and generate rewards denominated in IBAT. IBAT looks set to become one of the best altcoins on the market, given its use case within the Battle Infinity ecosystem.

Battle Infinity hosted an exclusive NFT giveaway through its official Telegram group. A total of $3,000 was given away to users who completed various tasks related to Battle Infinity’s social media channels. Points are gained based on each entrant’s rank – with the person who earns the most points receiving an airdrop of $500.

Battle Infinity NFTs

This NFT giveaway ended on August 14. More giveaways are expected to go live soon. Join Battle Infinity on social media platforms for the latest updates.

5. Material World – Win Your Share of a $275,000 Giveaway

Next up on our list of the best NFT giveaways is Material World. This NFT collection is home to 3,333 unique tokens that, according to the project, focus on utility rather than artwork. 

Material World utilizes a tier system that determines the amount and type of perks that you have access to. This includes everything from free NFTs and giveaways to community benefits and private access to events. 

Material World
Essentially, you can increase your tier by holding additional NFTs. In terms of its giveaway, Material World claims to be offering $275,000 worth of prizes.

This is allegedly inclusive of a BMW I8 and a Royal Oak AP. In order to be eligible, you will need to hold a Material World NFT. Be sure to read the prize terms before risking any money. 

6. MECH.GAME – Giveaway Prizes Including 2 ETH and 10 Free NFTs 

If you have an interest in NFT gaming, then you might want to check out MECH.GAME. This play to earn game has a focus on live combats – which includes characters such as Goliath, Pathfinder, Stalker, and Maverick. 


In order to amplify its player base, MECH.GAME is offering a huge giveaway across a variety of prizes. This includes 2 ETH – which as of writing, amounts to just under $6,000 in value. In addition to this, MECH.GAME is also offering a giveaway of 10 NFTs. 

7. Wizardia – $10,000 USDT and NFT Giveaway 

As the name suggests, Wizardia is a play to earn crypto game that centers on wizards and magic. In addition to staking, Wizardia also utilizes unique NFTs within its game. This covers both character and arena NFTs of various rarity levels. 

The team at Wizardia recently announced that it is undertaking a huge NFT giveaway worth $10,000. This includes 60 x $50 prizes paid in USDT and 80 x $25.

There are also a range of free NFTs being given away – with the most valuable apparently worth $275. All in all, this is one of the best NFT games to play if you are looking to combine skill and luck with lucrative giveaways. 

8. SKULLX – 1 Free NFT Giveaway Worth 0.08 ETH 

SKULLX is an NFT collection that consists of 10,000 unique tokens – each of which comes with a variety of designs and traits. Built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, these ERC-721 tokens give holders access to certain perks – such as exclusive events and live raffles.


In terms of its giveaway, SKULLX is offering its Twitter followers the chance to win 1 free NFT – which according to the team, has a value of 0.08 ETH. 

9. MetaBlobs – 100,000 Free NFTs  

If you’re simply looking for the best free NFTs available in the market, then you might want to check out MetaBlobs. Each MetaBlob represents a unique and fun piece of art with many different rarity traits and characteristics. 


In total, MetaBlobs is giving away 100,000 free NFTs. Of this figure, 90,000 will operate on top of the Polygon network while the balance will be available on Ethereum. 


How do Free NFT Giveaways Work?

With so many NFT projects in this space, the market has very quickly become oversaturated. And as such, projects are looking to find new ways to attract investors and community members to its NFT collection.

One of the best ways for projects to achieve this goal is to offer free NFT giveaways. This means that those engaging with the project have the chance to win a variety of prizes.

In many cases, you will need to own the respective NFT in order to be eligible to win the giveaway on offer. In other cases, you might also come across giveaways that do not require you to hold an NFT in order to participate. Instead, you might only need to hold the project’s cryptocurrency token or perhaps follow them on social media. 

Either way, the best NFT giveaways are offered as a means to raise awareness to the project in question.

How to Enter Lucky Block NFT Giveaways

If you like the sound of winning a Lamborghini or a $1 million prize, then Lucky Block is offering the best NFT giveaway right now. 

To stand a chance of winning, follow the step-by-step walkthrough below.

Step 1: Buy Lucky Block NFT

As noted earlier, the only way to be eligible for the Lucky Block giveaway is to buy and own the project’s NFT. 

The good news is that Lucky Block NFTs – although selling fast, are still available via its primary listing. This means that you will get the best price possible – which amounts to $1,500.

This needs to be paid in WBNB via the NFT Launchpad website. This popular NFT marketplace supports the MetaMask wallet. 

Just remember, each Lucky Block NFT represents a number between 1 and 10,000. As an NFT holder, you will have lifetime access to the daily Lucky Block prize draw. If your number wins, you will be entitled to 2% of the daily jackpot.  

If you are new to NFT marketplaces and MetaMask in general, read our full guide on how to buy Lucky Block NFTs here.

Once you have made the purchase, you can then move on to Step 2 to ensure that you do not miss the free NFT giveaway.   

Step 2: $1 Million Giveaway 

Now that you own and hold a Lucky Block NFT – the first free giveaway to look for is the $1 million prize draw. The team at Lucky Block notes that they expect this to occur in May 2022. 

Just like the daily crypto game draw, the $1 giveaway winner will be determined by the NFT number that you hold. 

Keep checking in with the Lucky Block Telegram channel for the specific date and time of the draw. 

Step 3: Lamborghini Giveaway 

The second free giveaway that you will be entitled to as a Lucky Block NFT holder is the  Lamborghini draw. 

Worth approximately £270k, one Lucky Block NFT owner will scope the prize should their number be drawn.

According to the Lucky Block website, the Lamborghini giveaway will commence once all 10,000 NFTs have been sold via its primary listing. 

How to Enter Battle Infinity NFT Giveaways

Step 1 – Join the Battle Infinity Telegram Group

The first thing prospective entrants must do is join the Battle Infinity Telegram group. The Telegram messenger can be accessed through a browser-based app, a desktop app, or a mobile app.

Battle Infinity Telegram

Step 2 – Complete Giveaway Tasks

Battle Infinity’s $3,000 giveaway commenced on July 15th and ended on August 14th. The tasks users had to complete to earn entries to the giveaway can be found HERE.

These tasks are all relatively simple to complete and generally revolve around interacting with Battle Infinity’s social media channels. Examples include:

  • Following the Battle Infinity Instagram profile
  • Subscribing to the Battle Infinity YouTube channel
  • Sending a message in the Battle Infinity Telegram group
  • Joining the Battle Infinity Discord server and becoming verified

The more entries that users generate, the more points they receive on the leaderboard. 

Step 3 – Receive Rewards

Once the giveaway concluded on August 14th, Battle Infinity’s team selected a random person from all entrants to win a grand prize.

Battle Infinity Airdrop Giveaway


In summary, the best NFT giveaways offer the opportunity to earn highly expensive prizes. In addition to free NFTs, you can also win cash prizes, crypto, and exclusive benefits. 

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