Ukrainian art museum

Kharkiv Art Museum, one of the oldest and most valuable art museums in Ukraine, has launched an NFT collection on the Binance NFT marketplace to support the cultural heritage amid the ongoing war crisis.

The NFT collection launch appeared a few hours after the English artist Damien Heist proved to the whole world that artworks could exist in digital form without necessarily retaining the physical artworks. Heist set fire to physical artworks worth more than $10 million.

Kharkiv Museum Turns Cultural Arts Into NFTs

In an October 13 press release, Kharkiv Art Museum confirmed the launching of an NFT collection dubbed “Art without Barriers” exclusively on the Binance NFT marketplace. The NFT collection will feature artworks of outstanding artists of the 16th–18th centuries.

The new NFT collection features work from talented artists, including Albrecht Dürer, Georg Jacob Johann van Os, Ivan Aivazovsky, and Simon de Vlieger. Its first batch will consist of 15 artworks.

While commenting about the NFT project, Oleksandr Honcharov, the CEO of Kharkiv Art Museum, remarked:

“Today we are erasing borders and moving into the digital era. With the help of Web3 technologies, the collection of the Kharkiv Art Museum can be exhibited anywhere in the digital world. Masterpieces cared for by the museum will be able to help its development in such a difficult time.”

Kharkiv Art Museum Overview

Established in the late 1800s, Kharkiv Art Museum is one of Ukraine’s oldest and most valuable art collections. The museum features artistic works of legendary artists, including Durer, H. Goltzius, L. Giordano, P. Bruegel the Elder, A. van Dyck, F. Boucher, and others.

Today, the museum holds more than 25,000 works of fine art from Ukraine, Western Europe, the Middle, and the Far East of the 15th to 21 centuries. The new NFT project will safeguard the cultural heritage of Ukraine amid the Russian invasion, which has lately been targeting cultural resources.

According to the team behind development, all proceeds raised from the collection and auction will be directed to the operational activities of the Kharkiv museum to restore its work and secure more jobs.

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