Rare Moonbird NFT #2642

Metaverse project The Sandbox bought a rare Moonbirds NFT for 350 Ether, just over $1 million in USD, which is the most expensive Moonbird sale so far in the new NFT project’s bull run.

Moonbird #2642 is now marked as owned by verified account @TheSandboxGame on its page on NFT marketplace OpenSea.

The Moonbirds floor price is currently 33.4 ETH having hit an all time high of just under 40 ETH in late April and putting in some of the fastest gains in NFT market history based on their mint price of 2.5 ETH on April 16th, 2022.

Within the first week after minting they had a higher sales and trading volume than all the top 10 NFT collections combined, and flipped other blue chip NFTs like Azuki and Meebits in market cap.

Investor interest was high due to the calibre of the PROOF Collective development team and the possibility to earn long-term staking rewards by ‘nesting’ their Moonbirds.

Rare Moonbirds NFT #2642

Out of the 10,000 NFTs in the Moonbirds collection, its rarity is high, including these traits:

  • Jade Green background – 0.06% of Moonbirds have this trait
  • Jade body – 0.06% of Moonbirds have this trait
  • Legendary Sage feathers – 0.09% of Moonbirds have this trait

The Sandbox Buying NFTs

The developers of virtual world The Sandbox and its governance token SAND have bought many non-fungible tokens so far.

According to NFT tracking website DappRadar they purchased a rare golden Bored Ape NFT for $2.9 million in 2021.

In total they own 31 NFTs from the valuable BAYC collection, as well as 21 Mutant Apes, 7 Doodles which hit another all time high floor price of 23 ETH to kick off May, and 30 World of Women NFTs.

This news could signal a continued bull market for the Moonbirds, and also potentially a bottom for SAND which is currently trading at just over $2 having hit a peak of over $8 in November 2021 when Bitcoin and Ethereum also topped. SAND is one of our picks for the best altcoins to buy.

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