The National Geographic Society “Nat Geo,” a multinational science exploration and education non-profit organization, has filed three trademark applications associated with metaverse and non-fungible tokens.

The National Geographic NFT Filings

In a January 11 blog post, Mike Kondoudis, the intellectual property attorney, confirmed that the global science exploration organization filed three trademark applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office related to NFTs on January 6.

Established in 1888, National Geographic is one of the oldest science exploration organizations, providing the most factual and reliable educational content in the areas of nature, wildlife, and cultural preservation.

According to data submitted, the National Geographic Society “Nat Geo” seeks to trademark the terms National Geographic and its abbreviation Nat Geo and began using the brand to make NFTs.

Moreover, the prominent science exploration organization intends to start offering downloadable NFT-authenticated media such as audio, video, and image files that contain depictions of current events, animals, exploration, and science, among others.

It also plans to start offering photograph-themed digital collectibles, which represent downloadable media containing depictions of some of its areas of expertise, including nature, current events, animals, science, and exploration.

Nat Geo NFT Push

The National Geographic Society began showcasing an interest in joining the NFT space last month. At the time, the organization successfully partnered with Snowcrash, a metaverse and NFT platform, to launch its Genesis NFT collection.

The NFT project dubbed “GM: Daybreak Around The World” featured a limited edition of 1,888 NFT-authenticated photographs from 16 native artists and photographers depicting daybreak across the world. The NFT collection will launch next week on January 17.

In related developments, more global entities have recently filed their NFT and metaverse trademark applications, including Intuit, Paramount Pictures, Absolut, Mercedez Benz, Ford, and Nissan.

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