The FishVerse, a decentralized AAA-type mobile fish-to-earn (F2E) fishing game, has successfully launched its revolutionary fishing ecosystem inside the metaverse to allow gamers experience something related to real fishing.

In an August 9 press release, the team behind the fish-to-earn fishing game confirmed the launching of its revolutionary fishing ecosystem in the virtual world. The new ecosystem leveraging the play-to-earn (P2E) concept will allow gamers experience the closest thing possible to real fishing.

The FishVerse Metaverse Overview

Founded in 2021, MG Labs, an experienced play-to-earn game development platform, is the company behind the FishVerse virtual world development. Since its inception, MG Labs has focused on making the Web3 game enjoyable and accessible for everyone.

The MG Labs came into the spotlight last year after launching its MetaShooter, the world’s biggest play-to-earn gaming platform. MetaShooter was the first decentralized blockchain-based hunting metaverse, attracting more than 8,000 users within the first month of its alpha game launch.

MG Labs hinted about creating its first ultimate fishing metaverse this year while announcing the fish-to-earn game “The FishVerse.” At the time, the company explained its vision to create an “ultra-realistic, one-of-a-kind web3 game, where millions of fishing and P2E enthusiasts can enjoy playing from any device or corner of the globe.”

Besides offering a platform for fishing enthusiasts and gamers to enjoy the ultimate gaming experience, MG Labs anticipates offering other monetization opportunities such as allowing gamers to catch and utilize NFT fishes, compete in fishing tournaments and fishing missions, build a business, and more to earn passive income.

The team behind development understands the importance of the fishing market. In that context, FishVerse anticipates leveraging the Web3 concept to give gamers and fishing enthusiasts a unique decentralized fishing experience with the ability to earn and enjoy their beloved hobby.

How To Get Started

The FishVerse requires interested participants to create an account on the fisher dashboard and deposit some FVS tokens. It also requires gamers and fishing enthusiasts to select their characters to take advantage of the customization option and select characters with unique features and NFTs.

Lastly, the virtual world requires gamers to have fishing tickets to start their fishing journey and earn NFT rewards as they explore the virtual aqua marine space. On the fishing metaverse, the developers will offer tons of incentives to make the game exciting but also rewarding.

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