The September Metaverse Week kicked off successfully earlier this week in London. The highly anticipated event has brought together high-profile industry experts to discuss different matters around the metaverse. Tamadoge, the rapidly growing meme-themed metaverse platform, is expected to share the secrets behind its growth at the event.

Metaverse Week is an industry-led initiative sponsored by Phoenix Community Capital (PCC), CODUS, DLT Lounge, Launch Pool, and Female Tech Leaders Magazine. In June, PCC prepared a similar event in London.

The anxiously awaited meetup began on Sept 12 and will run until Sept 18. The week of events has attracted various top-profile industry experts from different sectors within the crypto and NFT space.

Tamadoge Team Member Speaks at London Metaverse Week

The metaverse conference will see the attendance of Carl Dawkins, the Head of Growth at Tamadoge.

Among the high-profile speakers at the conference will include Tyrese Tetteh, a blockchain developer intern at Chainlink, Qi Yan, the former country manager at Huobi, and Ray Youngman, the founder of Wizzkid Billionaire Club, among others.

Venture Capitalist, Balbir Judge, is the CEO and the Founder of London Metaverse Week.

All those speakers will address contentious matters mitigating the growth of the virtual world. The main topics at the event include the evolution of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), DeFi, GameFi, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) across business, industry and entertainment.

Carl Dawkins To Share Metaverse Growth Tips At Event

Carl Dawkins will speak at the event on September 17, on topics including how the metaverse can maintain its uptrend growth amid the recent general downturn in crypto and the financial markets. The Tamadoge team member will share his knowledge from over seven years of experience in crypto.

Carl started working in crypto full-time in May 2021 after partly spending several years in crypto marketing, social media, and data analysis. He found a permanent home in the metaverse this year with Tamadoge.

Carl has also been focusing on helping new investors get to grips with the crypto markets. Carl runs his own YouTube Channel dubbed, “Carls Talks Crypto” and also offers online crypto consultation services.

Launched in June 2022, Tamadoge is a meme-themed token with play-to-earn (P2E) gaming utility and its own metaverse platform, the Tamaverse.

Tamadoge has at press time raised almost $17 million in less than two months since beginning its presale.

Tamadoge - The Play to Earn Dogecoin

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  • '10x - 50x Potential' - CNBC Report
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