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The Sorare fantasy football game’s tradable NFTs are now a top 100 NFT asset in terms of floor cap – market capitalization for NFTs.

They have a low floor price of 0.018 ETH, i.e. worth at least $50 for the cheapest one if the Ethereum price is $2800 or more. Each Sorare NFT represents a digital football player, like a trading card in the form of a non-fungible token.

However based on its high total supply of 329,892 unique digital NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, it’s now one of the top 100 NFTs in terms of overall market valuation.

That’s according to which ranks it #97 with a floor cap approaching 6000 ETH – the floor price multiplied by the supply in the Sorare NFT collection.

Top Sorare NFTs Traded

The most expensive Sorare NFTs also trade for much higher than $50. Fans value certain fantasy football players as more collectible and place higher bids at auction. Some are bought and sold for over $1,000, and in rare cases even over $2,500.

The @SorareBot on Twitter, a collaboration between @SorareHQ and @SorareData, tracks Sorare NFT sales above $1,000.

According to the page for Sorare NFTs the platform is growing fast reaching a ‘global audience collecting, buying, and selling their favorite players in the form of blockchain-backed NFTs.

The total volume traded on that leading NFT marketplace is now over 50 ETH worth of Sorare NFTs.

The Sorare team has also reportedly secured the rights to European football teams like ‘Atletico Madrid, Juventus, and Bayern Munich, as well as the MLS, Korean League, and Japanese League’.

We featured the Sorare game on our list of the top 10 play to earn games of 2022, which grew to a top 12. By collecting the digital trading cards and competing in the fantasy football tournaments, Sorare players can earn ETH.

In March 2022 the Ethereum NFT game signed a more extensive deal with Major League Soccer in the United States to incorporate all MLS branding and team players to boost its US presence, and intends to add other American football leagues.

Over time the Sorare game developers also plan to expand into other types of sports NFT collections.

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