Solana NFT Not Okay Bears

Solana NFT derivative collection the ‘Not Okay Bears’ has been removed from OpenSea marketplace, after complaints from Okay Bears collectors.

Okay Bears quickly rose to become one of the best Solana NFT projects since the minting of the 10,000 Okay Bear NFTs on April 26th.

The initial mint price was 1.5 SOL ($75) which rose to a floor price today of 207 SOL ($10,000) on OpenSea NFT marketplace.

Okay Bears NFT Sales Volume

They’ve generated over 38,000 ETH in sales volume ($72 million) on OpenSea alone and around $100 million combined with other NFT marketplaces including Solana NFT marketplace Magic Eden.

OpenSea Delist Not Okay Bears

Then this week on May 16th a knockoff version or ‘derivative’ project calling itself the Not Okay Bears was minted, an Ethereum NFT collection.

That clone NFT collection was met with criticism from fans of Okay Bears NFTs, but some more neutral collectors and those who found it funny, or just prefer ETH over Solana NFTs began to buy and trade the copycat collection.

Not Okay Bears OpenSea Delisting

The artwork was identical other than the bears facing left. Their one-line OpenSea description was ‘Bears on the blockchain that actually works’, followed by a Giving Block link where 20% of the minting profits would be donated to a mental health charity.

Not Okay Bears also trended and topped the daily charts for NFT volume – until OpenSea decided to delist them from the website.

Now both sides of the fence are angry – those who say derivative NFTs are intellectual property theft, and those who think NFT marketplaces should be decentralized and unable to delist NFT projects.

The deleted Not Okay Bears NFT listing can be viewed on OpenSea via the Wayback Machine.

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