Solana Mobile Launches NFT App

Solana Mobile, a subsidiary of renowned Solana blockchain protocol, has launched a new mobile application that allows users, artists and creators to mint non-fungible token collections on its flagship Android mobile devices Saga.

Solana Launches NFT Minting App

In a February 22 blog post, Solana mobile confirmed launching its new digital mobile application, letting users turn images into non-fungible tokens. The NFT mobile application, “Minty Fresh”, will be available for Saga mobile device users.

Launched in June 2022, Solana Mobile is an open-source software kit designed to enable the development of native Android apps built around the Solana blockchain. The kit includes the Mobile Wallet Adapter, a protocol for plugging in mobile Solana wallets.

The mobile platform announced plans to launch its NFT minting application last year while unveiling its flagship Android mobile phone device Saga. The mobile phones feature unique functionalities making it easy and secure to transact in web3 and manage digital assets, such as tokens and NFTs.

Solana NFT Minting App Overview

According to the announcement, the mobile NFT app will allow users to mint NFTs directly from their Saga Android phones with just a few taps. Users can take a photo with their Saga handset and transform it into an NFT on the chain within seconds.

The new NFT Mining application has already begun gaining mainstream adoption. In fact, the Head of Engineering at Solana tested the NFT app yesterday in Melbourne, where he took a selfie with some audience during a Saga preview event and minted the image live during the event.

In the meantime, the Minty Fresh consumer NFT app will be available through the Solana dApp Store later this year when Solana launches its Saga devices. Solana Mobile has promised to share more details about the new mobile app in the coming weeks.

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