Rolls Royce

British luxury car manufacturer Rolls Royce has launched a new non-fungible token collection matching its newly unleashed Phantom car series. Roll Royce has teamed up with digital artist Sacha Jafri to launch the NFT project.

The world’s most expensive luxury car manufacturer confirmed launching its new NFT collection late last week while unleashing its new car series in a private event in Dubai. Roll Royce released six new cars.

‘The Six Elements’ NFTs Overview

Rolls Royce has partnered with renowned British artist Sacha Jafri to launch a new NFT collection dubbed “The Six Element.”Jafri came into the spotlight in 2016 after creating a new NFT collection, “On the Wings of an Angel, that sold in minutes.

Under the new integration, Jafri has created six NFT artworks, each depicting the newly launched car. The new car-inspired NFT collections will represent five universal elements: Earth, Wind, Air, Fire, and Water. The sixth one will represent humanity.

Other Luxury Carmakers In The NFT Space

High-quality luxury car brand, Rolls Royce, joins other carmakers in the NFT space, including Mercedes-Benz, which recently announced plans to launch its new car-inspired NFT collection in the Metaverse.

In October, the luxurious car manufacturer Automobili Lamborghini announced plans to launch its tour-themed NFT collections. The new Lamborghini NFTs offered users an exclusive metaverse road trip experience across various global destinations.

Last month, BMW showed interest in joining the NFT and the metaverse sector. At the time, the car manufacturer filled out trademark applications with United States Patents and Trademark Office to launch tokenized virtual vehicles, among others.

Others include Lexus, which adopted NFTs to issue driving licenses, and Mc Laren, which partnered with Tezos blockchain to showcase its Formula 1 Grand Prix in Singapore and Japan, among others.

In the meantime, according to the announcement, all proceeds from the sale of “The Six Element” NFT collection will fund health, education, and sustainability in vulnerable regions around the globe.

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