The blockchain-based digital payment services provider Ripple has teamed up with web3 creative and technology studio Ethernal Labs to bring non-fungible tokens to a larger audience on XRP Ledger.

In a November 9 blog post, the digital payment network confirmed its partnership with Ethernal Lab. The new partnership will allow Ripple to bolster its Web3 ecosystem by bringing NFTs and digital assets to the masses through the XRP Ledger.

The Ethernal And Ripple Integration

Ethernal Labs is a multidisciplinary creative incubation studio that leverages web3 technology to digital assets. Ethernal Lab is the firm behind The Ethernity Chain NFT platform and the highly anticipated P2E game, the Exorian Universe.

Under the new partnership, Ripple and Ethernal Labs anticipate accelerating the creator economy and inspiring new business models on the XRP Ledger (XRPL). Ethernal Labs will provide industry-leading support for all things related to NFTs across the XRP Ledger community.

It’s not the first time Ethernal Labs and Ripple will work together. Ripple participated in Ethernal Labs’ $20M seed round alongside Algorand, Polygon to help established celebrities and household brands enter the NFT space.

The NFT initiative aimed at allowing celebrities to bring the benefits of the open-source XRPL into the gaming and metaverse spaces. While commenting about the recent partnership, Adrian Baschuk, founding partner and CCO at Ethernal Labs, remarked:

“We are incredibly excited for Ethernal Labs to be a partner of Ripple’s Creator Fund. This partnership will allow us to bolster the Web3 ecosystem by bringing NFTs and digital assets to the masses through the XRP Ledger and custom partnerships and collaborations.”

Ripple will leverage the Ethernal Labs capabilities to offer NFTs from highly regarded brands and individuals, including collections from soccer star Lionel Messi, Shaquille O’Neal, Bruce Lee, DeLorean Motor Company, and Toys R Us, among others.

Ethernal Labs will introduce its vast roster of IP into the XRP Ledger community by creating one-of-a-kind, white-label sites where users can purchase some of these limited collectibles minted as NFTs on the XRP Ledger.

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