Rihanna To Launch Music NFTs

Barbadian singer and famous billionaire investor Rihanna, through her superstar music producer, Deputy, has announced plans to drop her “B*TCH Better Have My Money” hit song as an NFT.

Rihanna To Drop New Music NFTs Today

In a February 7 blog post, Rihanna’s music producer Deputy confirmed launching Rihanna’s 3x Platinum-certified hit song “B*TCH Better Have My Money” as a non-fungible token on Music NFT Marketplace anotherblock.

Founded in 2021, anotherblock is a blockchain-based market platform providing decentralized music rights that connect non-fungible tokens to royalty rights. Deputy will leverage the firm capabilities to launch BBHMM NFTs that will give music fans some royalties.

According to the announcement, the new Rihanna NFT projects will feature a limited edition of 300 music NFTs. Rihanna NFT project will award fans holding the new BBHMM NFTs 0.0033% of the streaming royalties.

The fixed set of Rihanna NFTs will make its official debut today at 5:00 PM GMT. In a short statement, Rihanna’s producer said that the new NFT collection will give better fans a better experience than the regular streaming. He explained:

“As a fan, you get a certain attachment to an artist or a song. When you get an opportunity to own a part of a song, it’s a game changer. It creates a whole different realm of being connected, outside of streaming or concerts.”

In turn, Michel D Traore, the Chief Executive Officer of the anotherblock NFT market platform, remarked:

“We’re thrilled to let more fans of groundbreaking tracks like ‘BBHMM’ connect with their favorite songs and support the creative people behind them in new ways through our drops.”

Other Music NFTs In 2023

Rihanna is not the only artist thinking of turning her music into NFTs. Mid this week, the team behind the legendary hip-hop music label Def Jam Recordings integrated the Solana network to create a virtual music band.

Earlier this year, Snoop Dogg partnered with Market Sound NFT marketplace to launch his new XYZ music NFTs. Last year, Snoop Dogg and his fellow musician Eminem performed their “D 2 the LBC” track live on the Otherside metaverse, disguising their Bored Ape NFTs.

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