Proof Collective, the web3 project behind Moonbirds non-fungible token collection, has launched a new NFT feature allowing users to browse their favorite artists and profiles across the Proof ecosystem.

Proof Launches NFT Artist Browsing Feature

In a February 24 blog post, Kevin Rose, the founder of Proof Collective, confirmed launching the new NFT artist browsing feature. The new feature, navigated on the dashboard, allows users to browse artists and their profiles.

Launched in December 2021, Proof Collective is an exclusive members-only NFT community behind hugely successful projects like Oddities, Grails, Emotes, and Moonbirds, an NFT collection featuring a fixed edition of 10,000 pixelated owl NFTs.

Proof Collective started a simple podcast and has become a vast organization. The collection features over a thousand artists and collectors from the nascent non-fungible token sector, although some are still anonymous.

Proof NFT Artists Browsing Feature

The new NFT feature will allow users to browse all artists in the Proof ecosystem and learn more about their background, residence, and experience in the NFT industry.

Proof Collective believes the best way to appreciate the artist and their work is through learning about their background, how they’ve honed their craft, and getting first and second-hand perspectives on their contributions to the space through engaging media.

According to Proof Collective, the new feature is just the start. In the future, each artist in the PROOF ecosystem will have a dedicated Artist Profile. Proof aims to help web3 users discover new artists, form deeper connections, and stay connected with the new work they’re creating.

Proof Collective had prepared a conference in May that would bring artists and NFT collectors together to address matters related to the ecosystem’s future. But sadly, the organizing team canceled the event earlier this week, citing less interest than anticipated.

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