The cryptocurrency market has been in a bear market since the beginning of the year, and most projects have lost massive value. However, despite the bear market, hackers have not shied away from the sector, and millions of dollars have been stolen from the cryptocurrency market this year.

The latest hack in the sector was on the PREMINT NFT tool. Data from CertiK has highlighted a massive hack on PREMINT NFT that has triggered losses of $500,000.

PREMINT NFT tool hacked

Threat actors have compromised the official website of PREMINT, and they have managed to walk away with around $500,000 worth of assets. This breach stands as one of the biggest hacks in the NFT sector.

It is reported that the threat actors made this attack using malicious JavaScript code on the website. The malicious code was deployed using a URL. The effects of this attack can still be seen on the blockchain.

The details of this attack say that users were tricked into implanting the malicious code unto their crypto wallets. This malicious code acted as an entry point for the attackers and allowed them to access and steal cryptocurrencies.

The CertiK report shows that four wallets have been linked to this attack so far. Six Externally Owned Accounts (EOAs) are linked to this attack. The attackers managed to walk away with around $500,000 worth of NFTs stolen from compromised accounts.

Some of the NFTs stolen in this attack include the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and the Otherside NFT. The company noted that the extent of this attack makes it one of the largest NFT hacks this year.

The decentralized finance (DeFi) space has been the largest victim of hacking attacks in the crypto space. Firms from the best DeFi exchanges to cross-chain bridges have been victims of these attacks.

PREMINT confirms breach

The website has already informed its Twitter followers of this breach, confirming that its website had indeed been compromised. The company is reportedly collecting data to release the full list of the affected wallets. It has also pointed out the wallets flagged by Etherscan associated with the breach.

PREMINT has also advised users that have been compromised to take the necessary steps to reclaim their accounts and transfer their assets to other secure crypto wallets. They also advised users against giving a “set approval for all” in their accounts.

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