Chainlink Labs

PlayOne Games, a blockchain-powered gaming ecosystem, has partnered with Chainlink Labs to fuel the growth of its GameFi. Chainlink Labs is an open-source protocol providing oracle services in a secure, verifiable, and fair gaming experience.

In a December 20 blog post, the blockchain gaming ecosystem “PlayOne Games” confirmed its new integration with oracle services provider “Chainlink Labs” to further enhance the security and growth of its gaming ecosystem.

PlayOne Games And Chainlink Labs Integration

Established in 2014, Chainlink Labs is a digital protocol renowned for providing reliable open-source blockchain oracle solutions. Chainlink Labs leverages blockchain functionality to connect smart contracts with many off-chain data sources and computations, such as asset prices, web APIs, IoT devices, and payment systems.

Chainlink Labs is powered by Chainlink, an industry-standard Web3 services platform that enables trillions of dollars in transaction volume across DeFi, insurance, gaming, NFTs, and other major industries.

The Chainlink ecosystem features more than 1,600 metaverse projects, using oracle networks to seamlessly access services such as data feeds, proven smart contract automation solutions, and reliable asset reserve verification.

PlayOne Games Taps Chainlink To Boost Its Growth

Under the integration, PlayOnes Games anticipates leveraging Chainlink Labs’ capabilities to enhance the security of its gaming ecosystem. According to the gaming platform, Chainlink is a time-tested protocol and will further fuel the growth of GameFi.

PlayOne Games will use Chainlink functionalities to secure the NFT minting process in future applications and ensure fair outcomes for stochastic operations within its blockchain games.

Moreover, PlayOne Games will use Chainlink to provide other services, including airdrops and lucky draws for winners of various events, such as the upcoming Discord launching event, in a secure and transparent manner.


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