OpenSea accept ApeCoin payments

Leading NFT marketplace OpenSea announced on Twitter they’d now accept ApeCoin (APE) payments on the platform, alongside Ethereum (ETH).

That announcement was made shortly before the launch of Otherdeed NFTs for the Otherside metaverse. Those are also now live on OpenSea.

Buy with APE on OpenSea

ApeCoin has been on an explosive but volatile run in the last few weeks.

After putting in a low of $10.50 in April it pumped to over $27 on April 28th before then correcting to just above $14 today. NFT and metaverse related coins have recently been among the largest gainers and top trending tokens in the crypto market.

The launch of Otherside came with some hiccups however and after a selloff in the stock market, Bitcoin briefly wicked under its monthly support level of $37.5k, with Ethereum also dropping to $2.7k.

That combination of factors and some traders ‘selling the news’ resulted in the current ApeCoin correction back to the $14 – $15 area. There may be further volatility to come as there’s a FOMC meeting Wednesday 4th May.

The Otherdeed for Otherside NFT collection is now a top 5 ranked NFT by market capitalization, with an estimated market cap of 380,000 ETH on Coingecko. That’s behind only the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT collection itself, CryptoPunks and the Mutant Apes.

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Around 33,000 of those land deeds to claim land in Otherside have been bought by investors so far.

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