Finnish multinational tech firm Nokia has confirmed plans to adopt the new metaverse functionality to let isolated airports from various parts of the world interact, connect, and train their aircraft technicians.

Founded in 1865, Nokia is a multinational telecommunications, information technology, and consumer electronics corporation based in Helsinki, Finland. The company is renowned in the tech market as a manufacturer of consumer mobile devices.

Nokia Dives Deeper Into The Metaverse

In the past few years, the tech firm has been working on new technology integrations that deliver services on the internet. In an interview with Cointelegraph, Robert Joyce, the CTO of Nokia Oceania, has revealed that some of these new plans include the metaverse.

According to the top official, Nokia has already begun integrating the rapidly evolving blockchain technology to let remote breweries connect with their workers and share industrial ideas in the metaverse.

Joyce has revealed that Nokia teamed up with an Australian University last year to deliver 5G-enabled microbrewery plants that use the metaverse. The facility brought together researchers from the brewery tech lab and Dortmund University in Germany in the metaverse. He explained:

“They actually do joint experiments where they brew beer, they change the process, the temperature, the timings, the volumes, the recipes […] and they feed back all of that brewing process into the digital twin. Then they simulate brewing in the digital twin so they can perfect the beer in the digital space.”

Nokia Adopts Metaverse To Aid Isolated Airports

During the interview, Joyce also revealed that the tech giant has begun using the metaverse to allow isolated airports around the globe to connect and train their aircraft technicians. In South Australia, Nokia has been using the metaverse to assist Cessna aircraft technicians at remote airports. He explained:

“We worked with a company that had a virtual Cessna aircraft […] You’ve got a Cessna in front of you, and then you have an audio instruction in your ear to tell you how to change the wheel, or change a part on the engine. We had a 5G connected Microsoft HoloLens and we were able to instruct people on how to service a Cessna using augmented reality in this case.”

In a past interview, Nishant Batra, the global chief strategy and technology officer, told the World Economic Forum that the metaverse would soon impact industries. Batra noted that many ports had begun to embrace the metaverse and were using it to track every container on their docks.

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