Top NFTs Right Now

The top 10 NFTs – and most of the top 50 – pumped in floor price today, e.g. Meebits and Doodles by over 30%. The market is a sea of green.

Partly that’s due to NFTs dumping a lot from their highs of early May, amid the wider crypto market crash. Many investors are optimistic the bottom may be in though, for Bitcoin, Ethereum and non-fungible tokens – at least a temporary local bottom with a short term uptrend ahead.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.

NFTs Pump

Today’s NFT pump could be a reaction to Ethereum putting in a strong bounce back over $1,000 since the crash to $880 on June 18th. The ETH price recovered to close a weekly candle back over $1,100 and looks set to close today’s daily candle in the same price range again. Bitcoin is also back over $20,000 after a weekend dump to $17,600.

It’s also day one of NFT.NYC, the largest NFT event in the world – a four-day celebration and conference on Broadway, New York with keynote speakers from the industry giving presentations at Palladium Times Square.

Top NFTs Right Now

Find the image above on Coingecko and filter by market cap to see the top NFTs in order of size and how much they’re up right now.

The NFTs pumping in the top 15 by market capitalization include:

  • Bored Ape Yacht Club +15%
  • CryptoPunks +18%
  • Mutant Ape Yacht Club +14%
  • The Sandbox metaverse lands +13%
  • Decentraland metaverse land +2%
  • Otherside metaverse land (Otherdeeds) +17%
  • Moonbirds +21%
  • CloneX +13%
  • Doodles +35%
  • Meebits +30%
  • Azuki +8%
  • Veefriends +13%
  • PROOF Collective +19%
  • Bored Ape Kennel Club +12%
  • World of Women +8%

Cool Cats,, Moonbirds Oddities, Invisible Friends, mfers and Lazy Lions are also all pumping today.

NFTs still have a way to go though to come back fully from how far they’ve dumped since early May. For example BAYC hit an all time high floor price of 153 ETH on May 1st, and now has a 92 ETH floor.

Now that some fears have passed of ETH whales being close to liquidation, and the long weekend being over – allowing more liquidity to come into the market – NFTs and crypto might finally be able to bottom out and rally to the upside.

NFTs are quite an illiquid asset class however, and large percentage gains can quickly flip into similar percentage losses.

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