NFTpay Adds Stablecoins

Fintech firm NFTpay has expanded its service offering to allow crypto users to use their stablecoins to purchase non-fungible tokens. Crypto users can now use famous dollar-pegged coins, USDC and USDT, to purchase NFTs.

NFTpay Lets Users Use Stablecoins To Buy NFTs

In a February 24 press release, Michael Krilivsky, the chief executive officer (CEO) of NFTpay, announced that the fintech company has begun allowing users to purchase non-fungible tokens using stablecoins. He added:

“The NFT world is a metaphor for progress. Today, we are delighted to share that our mission to keep driving forward has yielded fresh returns in the form of more flexibility in how you pay for your prized NFTs.”

According to the platform, sellers will now be able to settle the purchase of their NFTs through both USDT / USDC stablecoins. The new payment solution will allow users to purchase NFT projects faster, safer and more conveniently.

Krilivsky has stated that the majority of potential NFT buyers do not have crypto or a crypto wallet, thus preventing them from taking the final step of making an NFT purchase. NFTpay will deliver a custom solution to organizations and individuals interested in using stablecoins.

Other NFTpay Payment Integrations

Since its inception, NFTpay has focused on making it as simple as possible for customers to purchase NFTs using payment options they are interested in. Last year, NFTpay partnered with Mastercard to let users buy NFTs with credit cards.

In December 2022, NFTpay teamed with the Ethereum scaling solution Polygon network to allow users to seamlessly acquire non-fungible tokens using their credit and debit cards. At the time, NFTpay was a bridge for users to use their credit cards.

In the meantime, NFTpay supports a number of networks, including Ethereum, Algorand, Binance Smart Chain, Fantom, Avalanche, EOS, Solana, and Cronos. The fintech firm recently revealed a plan to include Casper and Cardano crypto networks in the coming months.

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