NFT-themed Cryptohouse

The extended general crypto market winter continues to oppress investors, institutions, and even crypto real estate projects. The owner of the CryptoHouse is a recent example, struggling to sell his NFT-themed house despite reducing the price by more than 20%.

CryptoHouse Gets Zero Bids In Ten Days, Despite 20% Offer

In the past few months, a crypto-friendly home in North Hollywood, Las Angeles, has seen a massive decline in the number of investors interested in it following the recently extended crypto winter that has led investors to run away from crypto investments.

The “CryptoHouse” is a four-bedroom house with three bathrooms, spacious dining, and a living room, which the listing agent claims are perfect for shrewd investors in the property description.

The multi-dollar house also features NFT-themed wallpaper from top NFT collections, such as the CryptoPunk and Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). It also features crypto-themed from leading digital assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin.

The owner of the multi-dollar home first showcased intentions to sell his home in October last year for $1.2 million. Since then, the owner has been trying to auction his NFT-themed home, but all in vain.

Earlier this month, the crypto real estate investor even offered more than 20% offer, slashing his home price from $1.2 million to $949,000. Unfortunately, more than ten days later, he has not received any bids.

More NFT Projects Continue To Suffer Amid The NFT Winter

The extended crypto winter has impacted more NFT projects in the past several months. Last week, the non-fungible token marketplace SuperRare confirmed cutting 30% of its staff over the same concerns.

The extended crypto winter has also suppressed the former United States Digital Trading Cards sales by more than 98% from the peak. Donald Trump launched his NFT collection featuring a fixed set of 45,000 NFT cards last month.

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