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Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have become increasingly popular over the past year, and luxury brands have been chipping in to boost customer engagement. While some of these brands have launched their own NFT collections, some have created a way that their customers can interact with the collectibles they own.

Tag Heuer adopts NFTs

Tag Heuer has unveiled a new feature that will depict a smartwatch capability that allows these watches to display an NFT collection. The NFTs featured on these watches are those owned by Tag Heuer users.

This is Tag Heuer’s initiative to venture into the buzzing Web 3.0 & crypto sector. Users can use the feature to showcase the NFTs they own on the smartwatch. The move towards NFTs comes shortly after the company announced it would start supporting cryptocurrency payments.

This new feature will be an additional functionality on the Tag Heuer Connected Calibre E4 smartwatch collection. The current users of the NFT collection will roll out support for the feature that will also come with a free update available on the Apple app store and the Google Play Store.

The company noted that the collection of these watches would be used as proof of ownership and be everything a user needed to view these NFTs and display their collections while also checking the time.

During the launch, Tag Heuer noted that,

Verified NFTs are displayed in a hexagon with a cloud of particles gravitating around the image. Some NFTs are still images, and some are animated GIFs. TAG Heuer’s watch face will support these formats in crisp detail, with animations lopping infinitely.

Luxury brands embrace NFTs

NFTs have become very popular in the luxury industry. Some leading luxury brands globally have embraced NFTs and announced that they will allow their users to embrace the digital world.

Earlier this year, the Decentraland metaverse was used to host a Fashion week event that saw participation from some leading fashion brands, including Gucci. Gucci also launched an NFT collection known as Gucci Grail minted on the Ethereum blockchain. Gucci also recently supported payments in several cryptocurrencies.

Louis Vuitton also released an NFT collection that would be integrated into the brand’s online game. Louis: The Game app now has an option where players can be incentivized with these NFTs. This marks one of the boldest entries by a luxury brand in blockchain gaming.

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