The pioneering work of CryptoPunks paved the way for 2D pixel art to become mainstream through the expansion of the NFT market. As we progress through 2024, numerous exciting projects have come to fruition that look to capitalize on the market’s growth.

This article discusses five of the best NFT pixel art collections for 2024, exploring why they are so highly coveted and how their value might appreciate over the longer term.

The 5 Best NFT Pixel Art Collections for 2024

Below are five of the best NFTs to buy within the pixel art niche. We will discuss each of these projects in detail in the following section.

  1. Yubo RandosOverall Best NFT Pixel Art Collection
  2. CryptoPunks – Legendary NFT Collection with Huge Trading Volume
  3. Meebits – New NFT Project from Larva Labs
  4. ApeGang – Best NFT to Invest In Within the ‘Apeverse’
  5. BitCats – New NFT Drop with Pixel Art for Beginner Investors

Key Takeaways: Choosing NFT Pixel Art Collections in 2024

  • Research the Creator’s Background: Understanding the reputation and past work of the creator can give insights into the collection’s potential value and uniqueness.
  • Community and Ecosystem: Look for collections with strong, active communities and ecosystems that offer additional benefits or utilities to NFT holders.
  • Artistic Uniqueness: The distinctiveness of the pixel art, including style, rarity, and attributes, can significantly impact the collection’s appeal and long-term value.
  • Integration and Utilities: Collections offering metaverse integration, passive income, or other utilities provide more than just digital ownership, enhancing their attractiveness.
  • Market Performance: Analyze past sales, volume, and secondary market activity to gauge the collection’s liquidity and investor interest.

A Closer Look at the Top 5 NFT Pixel Art Collections

Now that you have an overview of what the best NFT tokens are, let’s dive in and review each of these collections one by one:

1. Yubo Randos – Overall Best NFT Pixel Art Collection

If you’re looking to invest in NFTs, our pick when it comes to the best NFT for 2024 within the pixel art niche is the Randos collection from Yubo. For those who aren’t aware, Yubo is a top-rated social media app based on fostering connections through live streaming. The Yubo team recently announced the upcoming launch of ‘Randos’, the platform’s first NFT collection.

The Randos collection contains 10,000 digital art pieces hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. Each NFT depicts a 2D pixel-based character, complete with a unique aesthetic and tagline. All of the Randos within this NFT collection were designed by prominent digital artist BanFan, who has garnered a cult following for his 2D pixel art.

Yubo Randos NFT collection

Aside from being used as a profile picture on the Yubo app, Rando ownership also comes with a whole host of benefits. NFT owners will gain access to exclusive private events attended by numerous high-profile names. In addition, Rando owners will also be given free access to public events, which people who don’t own an NFT will have to pay for.

Rando ownership will also provide a pathway to earning a passive income stream, as each NFT holder will earn a share of Yubo’s revenue from in-app activities. In addition, each Rando owner will also receive an exclusive 3D avatar in the ‘Yuboverse’ – Yubo’s upcoming metaverse project.

Yubo Randos metaverse

Each Rando can be purchased for 0.1 ETH ($328 at the time of writing) and will be available through the Yubo Rando website. Finally, Rando owners will even be able to sell their NFTs on the secondary market and benefit from value appreciation. A 10% royalty fee will be distributed to Yubo, which will be used for marketing and expansion.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

2. CryptoPunks – Legendary NFT Collection with Huge Trading Volume

No list of the best NFT pixel art collections would be complete without mentioning CryptoPunks NFTs. This project paved the way for all future pixel-based NFT collections – although CryptoPunks didn’t actually begin to pick up steam until about four years after the initial launch!

CryptoPunks NFTs

Now, the CryptoPunks collection has garnered attention from the mainstream media and numerous high-profile names, with Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, and Steve Aoki all owning a ‘Punk’. Given that some of the NFTs in this collection have sold for upwards of $24 million, CryptoPunks are undoubtedly the most expensive NFTs within the 2D digital art niche.

3. Meebits – Famous NFT Pixel Art Project from Larva Labs

Larva Labs, the creators of CryptoPunks, looked to capitalize on the project’s success by releasing the Meebits collection. This collection contains 20,000 Ethereum-based NFTs, each showcasing an exclusive ‘voxel-based’ character.

Meebits NFTs

Due to the popularity of CryptoPunks, this collection generated immense hype – with 9000 Meebits being sold for over $70 million in the first few hours of launching. Notably, since Meebits are 3D rather than 2D, Larva Labs ensures they will be able to be implemented into various metaverses once adoption gathers steam.

4. ApeGang – Best NFT to Invest In Within the ‘Apeverse’

ApeGang is an NFT collection containing 10,000 pieces of ape-based digital artwork, intending to capitalize on the incredible success of Bored Ape Yacht Club. Each ape within the collection was designed using Python and features an array of traits and features that make each one unique.

ApeGang NFTs

The project immediately experienced success when it was released in July 2021, with the ApeGang Twitter account now having over 47,000 followers. Looking ahead, the ApeGang team is set to host numerous in-person events worldwide, helping foster a vibrant community of like-minded people.

5. BitCats – New NFT Drop with Pixel Art for Beginner Investors

Rounding off our list of the best 2D pixel projects is BitCats. BitCats is a new NFT project containing 81 ‘Genesis BitCats’ and 1024 ‘GenBitCats’, all hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. Like the other collections on our list, these NFTs depict pixel-based artwork ideal for displaying as a profile picture.

BitCats NFTs

The Genesis BitCats were all created by hand and formed the foundation for the GenBitCats to launch – meaning the former are considered extremely rare within the community. Looking ahead, the project’s roadmap details plans for metaverse integration and the expansion of the BitCats universe, incentivizing owners to hold them long term.


This article has discussed five new NFT drops within the pixel art niche that could have exceptional value potential in the weeks and months ahead.

The Randos collection from Yubo is one project that stands out from the crowd, primarily due to its compelling 2D artwork and the numerous benefits afforded to owners.

Furthermore, since each Rando will seamlessly transition into the upcoming Yubo metaverse, these NFTs could see tremendous price appreciation in the secondary market.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

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