NFT NYC - Crisis What Crisis We are going to Get Rid of So Much Shit

The recent NFT.NYC 2022 came when the cryptocurrency market was in a sharp bearish trend. NFT prices have not been spared from the recession, and the floor prices of most NFTs have tanked.

Despite the downtrend, the speakers on the NFT.NYC 2022 stage were very optimistic. Most speakers talked about how the ongoing bear market would end up being good for the market.

NFT NYC 2022

One of the speakers at the NFT NYC 2022 conference was Sach Chandaria, who spoke about “Generative Art and NFTs.” Chandaria said that one of the best things about the collapse of the crypto market was that it would allow people “to get rid of so much shit. Now it’s going to be about creativity. 2022 is going to be about real creativity.

The conference had 1500 speakers that all talked about different aspects of the NFT market. One of the most talked-about aspects was “art.” Chandaria noted that the NFT space could transform art. It could do this by creating art depicting an individual’s emotional state.

A spokesperson from the Belvedere Museum in Vienna talked about how the institution was “looking to engage independent of the place.” The spokesperson admitted that when NFTs were first introduced, there was criticism from some people at the museum. However, the sentiments have since changed.

One of the main use cases of NFTs is in Web 3.0 and crypto games. However, NFTs have gone beyond this and are being used in the art sector. Proponents of digital collectibles have argued that they can be used to incentivize artists who lose income because of fake copies.

Role of AI and the metaverse in NFTs

Another issue that was also discussed at NFT.NYC is the role of the metaverse and AI within the NFT ecosystem. One artist known as Lans King said he had created his “artist self on the blockchain.” This would be used to support him in a project where he would implant a microchip into his left hand to create art using brain scans.

Emily Wigoder from Ad Astra also talked about how AI could receive information about their artwork and create new art “to bring funds back into deeply underfunded estates.” These copies could then be used to support fundraising.


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