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Epic Games’ Wild West battle royale NFT game GRIT is getting a bad reception on video game review sites like PC Gamer and Kotaku. called the third-person shoot-em-up ‘half-backed’, while Kotaku was less polite with their title – ‘the first blockchain game on the Epic Store looks like s***’.

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Epic NFT Gaming

Are these PC Game review sites just salty that they missed the boat on NFTs?

It’s true many gamers have pushed back on non-fungible tokens being incorporated into their games – perhaps reminded of the cash grab of microtransactions – but on the other hand ‘play-to-earn’ gaming is becoming increasingly popular worldwide, for both investors and players.

Some games publishers and review sites may be feeling under threat as the rise of blockchain gaming and their related native coins shows no sign of slowing down and could revolutionize the gaming industry, leaving old hands in the dust.

In 2021 Axie Infinity kicked off the trend and in early 2022 metaverse games and their cryptocurrencies such as ApeCoin outperformed much of the crypto markets – although APE did then see a short term correction.

In April 2022 video games giant Sony recognised the potential of NFTs and cryptocurrency and invested $1 billion in Epic Games to ‘build the metaverse’.

The same month Lego and Epic Games struck a partnership to work on metaverse games for the younger generation. Epic Games Inc has been valued at over $40 billion even as far back as 2021, dominating the industry since their release of Fortnite.


Epic’s take is that blockchain games are a positive as long as they’re age-related appopriately, adhere to cryptocurrency regulations and everything’s transparent. Steam however has adopted a ‘no NFTs’ policy since 2021 – and Valve banned blockchain games and NFTs, not wanting items with real-world value on their platform.

GRIT Game Release Date

A GRIT release date still hasn’t been announced – the Epic Games Store just displays a ‘coming soon’ message. The NFT game has also been repeatedly delayed, with the GRIT early access launch pushed back in late January.

GRIT is partnered with Gala games – which also have their own metaverse crypto asset GALA.

Gala games appeared to push back on the comparison of NFTs to microtransactions when they emphasised at Galaverse that players will own everything they buy in the game. Kotaku still compared the Web3 games to a cash grab though.

Similar to Red Dead Redemption, GRIT will feature Old West landscapes – the ‘Web3 Frontier’ as Epic calls it – and an open-world that can be explored on horseback, in single-player, co-op and multiplayer modes.

The in-game economy will include ways to make money with NFTs while playing, with an advanced perk system alongside the gunslinger action.

Kotaku also noted though that the graphics of Red Dead Redemption 2 look better, being ‘more visually meaty and less blocky’. It remains to be seen how the GRIT gameplay will stack up against the competition. Some play to earn games have been criticized for not being as fun or polished as NFT-free video games, like Far Cry or Call of Duty.

Update – as of July the full GRIT game is still not available but ‘coming soon’. An early access version of the game is no available though.

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