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Netgear Joins SuperRare To Showcase NFTs On Meural Display

Netgear, an American computer networking company, has partnered with SuperRare to showcase non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on its Meural digital display platform. The integration will strengthen their shared vision of creating new ways of interacting with digital art, culture, and collection.

In a July 30 announcement, the computer networking company confirmed the successful partnership with SuperRare NFT marketplace to showcase its digital collectibles on the Meural digital display platform.

What is SuperRare?

Founded in 2018, SuperRare is a pioneering, curated NFT marketplace for digital art built on the Ethereum blockchain. SuperRare is renowned for empowering artists to take control of their digital artwork in new ways. SuperRare anticipates continuing to evolve into a community-led network with its curatorial vision.

In that context, Netgear will leverage SuperRare’s marketplace capabilities to reshape the future of decentralized curation, community organizing, and artist empowerment. The recent integration with Super Rare DAO now marks the beginning of a new era for Netgear.

Since 1996, Netgear has been pioneering advancing computer networking technologies for homes, businesses, and service providers to improve creators’ lives. In 2018, the computer networking company acquired its digital display platform Meural to engage new audiences in digital art while creating additional revenue streams for creators.

Netgear will now utilize its digital displaying platform to showcase SuperRare’s NFT digital collectibles. While commenting about the new integration, Poppy Simpson, the senior product and content manager at Netgear, remarked:

“By introducing digital scarcity to art and collectibles, NFTs and blockchain technology have granted new economic and creative powers to digital artists. Netgear supports this exciting development and is committed to working alongside creators, collectors, and enthusiasts to forge a licensing model that reflects their interests.”

On the other hand, John Crain, the co-founder of SuperRare, expressed his excitement over the new integration, noting:

“We’re thrilled for Netgear to join the SuperRare DAO. We believe that their expertise in building display technologies, licensing content and streaming art will help us push forward as we continue to build an open and equitable future for digital art.”

Under the new integration, SuperRare will feature Meural in its pop-up gallery, bringing together well-known NFT artists and the larger CryptoArt community. The NFT project will officially launch on August 28.


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