Sports organisations continue to make use of non-fungible tokens, with the National Basketball Association filing four NFT trademarks.

The NBA filed four NFT related trademarks on April 7th, including filings concerning:

  • Virtual trading cards
  • Digital game tickets
  • NFT memorabilia such as jerseys
  • Basketball memes and game programs represented as NFTs


On April 20th the NBA also launched minting of 30,000 NFTs as part of its The Association collection which were free to mint for fans in an airdrop.

View that NFT collection on secondary marketplace Opensea here.

Two dot.eth websites have also been recently registered and acquired by the NBA – these ENS domains (Ethereum Name Service) that use the .eth suffix are popularly seen as NFT domains, since the Ethereum cryptocurrency is often used to buy NFTs, alongside a few other crypto assets.

One of those domains is theassociationnft.eth, and the other is nba.eth which suggests even more NBA NFT projects may be in the works soon.

The NBA has also been sponsored by Coinbase since signing a partnership with the US facing exchange platform back in October 2021.

In other basketball NFT news the Golden State Warriors also minted an NFT collection of their own.

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