The National Basketball association are minting a dynamic collection of NFTs called ‘The Association’, with a total supply of 30,000.

That’s 125 NFTs per player, based on 240 players across 16 NBA teams. The mint began on April 20th and at the time of writing almost 29,000 have been minted. They are free to mint (other than gas fees) by connecting a wallet – working like an airdrop.

Once minted holders can view their NBA NFTs in their wallet or on secondary NFT marketplace Opensea – where the floor price is currently 0.183 ETH.

Ensure you visit the correct website – – and don’t connect your wallet to fake sites if it has anything valuable in it.


Run by the NBA and NBPA, the mint is a blind-mint, meaning basketball player NFTs will be randomly assigned. Everyone will have an equal chance of minting a particular NBA star.

The NBA non-fungible tokens will be dynamic, changing in appearance based on what the player they represent accomplishes on the basketball court during the 2022 NBA playoffs – certain traits, backgrounds and player accessories will change over time.

@NBAxNFT is a new NBA Twitter account, with the bio ‘Official Web3 home for the NBA’. It includes a link to the NBA Discord with 60,000 members.

The NBA has also filed four NFT trademarks in April 2022 and registered dot.eth domain names which are associated with NFT investing, such as nba.eth, alongside theassociationnft.eth.

The Golden State Warriors also announced this month they are minting Warriors NFTs.

Crypto exchange Coinbase have been official sponsors of the NBA since late 2021.

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