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The metaverse space has seen mainstream adoption in the past few months despite suffering the recent market meltdown. Mozilla has joined the hype and acquired Active Replica as part of its preparation to enhance the metaverse development.

Mozilla Acquires Active Replica To Enter the Metaverse

In a November 30 announcement, the web developer, renowned for its internet explorer Firefox, confirmed its acquisition of Active Replica, a web3 tech firm. Mozilla anticipates leveraging Replica’s capabilities to offer metaverse experiences.

Founded in 2020, Active Replica is a technology firm focused on building VR-forward virtual event and collaboration technologies. The tech firm is renowned for providing virtual event packages that include custom venue design, event planning, and live entertainment.

Under the new integration, Active Replica will help Mozilla to create virtual events. It is not the first time Mozilla and Replica will be working together. The two teamed up to launch a virtual experience during its multi-day art and tech festival Mozfest earlier this year.

According to Mozilla, the acquisition will benefit both companies in scale and development capacity. The integration will help the two firms to accelerate in demand and personalized subscriptions and onboarding improvements:

“Together, we see this as a key opportunity to bring even more innovation and creativity to Hubs than we could alone.”

On the other hand, in an official statement, Active Replica reiterated that it would continue to work with existing partners, maintaining that the Mozilla acquisition will help to expand its long-term goals.

Mozilla Acquires Pulse To Expand Its Metaverse Plan

In a related development, the web developer has also acquired Pulse, a machine learning developer. Mozilla confirmed the acquisition of Pulse just a few hours after the announcement of Active Replica.

In the meantime, Mozilla joins top social media platforms in the metaverse, including Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram. In October, the internet search engine Google announced a plan to launch its metaverse platform in partnership with crypto exchange Coinbase.

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