Moonbirds NFTs

The popular Moonbirds NFT collection has the highest 7 day sales volume in the NFT space, even higher than BAYC, CryptoPunks and Azuki combined.

That makes them one of the fastest growing NFTs on the market and one of the most successful new NFT projects based on their opening week of all time.

10,000 Moonbirds were minted for 2.5 ETH on April 16th and they have already become the #6 ranked NFT collection, in between Azuki and Doodles, with a floor price today of 20 ETH ($61,500).

Moonbirds NFT Sales Volume

According to Opensea their 7 day volume is currently over 78,000 ETH.

Moonbirds NFT Sales Volume

By contrast, this is the 7 day volume of other blue-chip NFTs currently ranked in the top 10:

  • Bored Ape Yacht Club – 7230 ETH
  • CryptoPunks – 2890 ETH
  • Mutant Ape Yacht Club – 12050 ETH
  • CloneX – 3875 ETH
  • Azuki – 3460 ETH
  • Doodles – 2010 ETH
  • Meebits – 1912 ETH
  • Proof Collective – 1506 ETH
  • Beanz Official – 5256 ETH

The Moonbirds weekly sales volume is almost twice as much as the rest of the top 10 put together – and they’ve only existed for four days.

271 Moonbirds have been sold in the last 24 hours alone, and the floor price is up 5.7% on the day.

Part of the bullish sentiment around Moonbirds NFTs is that they can be staked – or ‘nested’ – in order to earn passive income rewards, and the longer they are held the more your nest is upgraded to new tiers and the higher your potential earnings.

Moonbirds NFT holders also receive exclusive NFT drops, access to IRL events, news of upcoming PROOF projects and PROOF Discord membership.

The PROOF Collective is a private group of 1000 NFT artists and expert investors, which normally costs over 80 ETH to join. It was launched by experienced venture capital investor and startup founder Kevin Rose.

Also on the roadmap are plans for a metaverse, called ‘Project Highrise’.

The official Moonbirds NFT Twitter account @moonbirds_xyz has already amassed 165,000 followers.

Update – the floor price is now 29 ETH and Moonbirds have flipped Azuki.

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