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The tech giant Meta has again announced another digital art initiative development. This time, Meta allows all Facebook and Instagram users across the United States to seamlessly connect a crypto wallet and share their NFTs on either social media app.

In a September 29 blog post, Meta, the parent company for Facebook and Instagram, confirmed that all users on both its social media platforms can now seamlessly connect and share non-fungible tokens (NFTs) across more than 100 countries globally.

Meta’s NFT Push

Meta first began enabling NFT support on its social media platforms in May. The tech giant announced NFT support with Instagram at the time before adding Facebook support in June. In August, the social media firm rolled out its pilot phase with a limited number of users.

Meanwhile, all Facebook and Instagram users can connect their crypto wallets and showcase their NFTs, joining users in more than 100 countries across Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the Americas.

Interestingly, the new NFT feature will enable users to tag creators and collectors and cross-post digital collectibles between platforms without paying fees. The feature is available in the dashboard in both mobile social media apps.

The new feature supports NFT collections from Ethereum, Flow, Polygon and Solana. Facebook and Instagram support a series of crypto wallets, including MetaMask, Dapper Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, Rainbow and Trust Wallet.

Data Safety Remains A Key Concern

By description, an NFT is a blockchain-powered token representing ownership of a unique digital item, making any data related to it vital and vulnerable. In that case, many investors have once again raised concerns about whether such vital data can be securely transmitted across social media platforms.

In August, several users on social media raised the same concerns, with one Twitter user referencing an incident that left sensitive personal information for over half a billion Facebook users leaked on a well-trafficked hacking forum in April 2021.

At the time, Meta responded to these concerns, noting that to keep its platforms safe and enjoyable, “people can use our tools to keep their accounts secure and report digital collectibles which go against our community guidelines.” Since then, Meta has not shared any concrete plans to keep its user’s digital wallet-related data private and safe.

In related developments, Meta has announced that it would stop hiring more staff in a statement indicating its workforce’s potential layoff. Chief executive Mark Zuckerburg has cited economic instability in company communication with employees.

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