Magic Eden NFT Launchpad

Magic Eden, the leading market platform for Solana non-fungible tokens, has successfully launched a new launchpad and marketplace to support Polygon NFT minting and trading in its bid to expand in NFT gaming.

Magic Eden Launches Launchpad And Marketplace For Polygon NFTs

The recent launching of the new Launchpad and NFT marketplace appeared a few weeks after Magic Eden confirmed adding support for Polygon NFTs. At the time, the NFT marketplace hinted plans to expand in NFT gaming.

In a December 15 press release, Magic Eden confirmed launching a new gaming Launchpad and marketplace to support the minting of Polygon digital collectibles. Magic Eden now anticipates becoming a full-featured multi-chain.

Earlier this year, the NFT marketplace launched a similar Launchpad for Solana NFTs. Remarkably, the Launchpad has emerged as the leading destination for NFT drops, producing more than 400 SOL and Ethereum projects for the crypto market.

Magic Eden To Expand In NFT Gaming

Under the recent integration with Polygon, Magic Eden’s emerging creators, strategic IPs, and games developers will now be able to tap into Magic Eden’s cross-chain audience and products to launch and grow their communities easily.

Magic Eden will work closely with world-class developers to bring exciting games to the blockchain. Some of the will include, Shatterpoint, a blockchain developer renowned for producing popular blockchain-powered games, BlockGames and Estoty.

Beginning December 18, Magic Eden will partner with Infinite Drive, a blockchain developer for the NFT racing platform, to allow players to collect cars from the most popular and prestigious brands, including Aston Martin, Renault, Alpine, and more.

Moreover, from next year, Magic Eden will continue integrating more blockchain gaming developers such as Taunt Battleworld, Planet Mojo, and Kakao Games to release more skilled-based fighting games.

It’s worth noting that Magic Eden recently hired Chris Akhavan, a gaming industry veteran in the traditional and web3 gaming space, to spearhead the growth of Magic Eden’s gaming partnerships and support the development of advanced game creator and collector experiences.

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