Madonna NFT Tweet

Fresh off her nude NFT collaboration with Beeple, Madonna has now tweeted that she ‘finally entered the metaverse’, buying a Bored Ape NFT.

According to DappRadar it’s a customized NFT, and BAYC #4988 bought through Moonpay, a fiat on-ramp payments provider. That’s an easier way for celebrities to buy NFTs than first buying Ethereum on a crypto exchange and then navigating OpenSea.

Madonna Buys NFT Ape

Bored Ape #4988 was bought by the iconic singer, actress and celeb for the equivalent of 180 ETH, in USD – which at the time was just over $466,000.

Madonna proudly changed her Twitter profile picture to show off the Yuga Labs artwork – following in the footsteps of other celebs like Timbaland, Steph Curry and Elon Musk.

Madonna NFT OpenSea

According to OpenSea her Bored Ape NFT has several rare traits, including:

  • Orange background – only 13% have this trait
  • Sleeveless logo T – only 1% have this type of t-shirt
  • Wide eyed – only 5% have this expression – as if he’d just seen Madonna’s 3D vagina NFT
  • DMT fur – only 2% have this style of fur – which Madonna referred to as the ‘evil eye’
  • S&M hat – only 2% have this type of headgear (referring to sadomasochism)
  • Bored cigarette – only 7% have a ciggy in their mouth – which can be seen on OpenSea

Madonna’s NFT collection doesn’t stop there – she owns ten other NFTs on her Ethereum address. They appear to have been sent to her by fans as there’s no clear record of a buying transaction by Madonna on Etherscan for those NFTs.

This is also the first time Madonna tweeted about NFTs – apart from on May 10th when she tagged Beeple (digital artist Mike Winkelmann) and let followers know about their collab.

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