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Luxury watch designer Franck Dubbary has teamed up with several renowned graphic designers to create a collection of new non-fungible tokens. The new NFT collections aimed at fusing the digital world with the art of watchmaking.

In an October 21 press release, Franck Dubarry confirmed the launching of its brand new NFT collection dubbed “Hipporium NFTs.” The new NFT collection will feature a fixed set of 5,000 unique digital artworks, whose authenticity, unicity, and ownership will be verified using the Ethereum blockchain technology.

Hipporium NFTs Overview

Inspired by tribal worlds and science fiction (Sci-Fi) universes depicted in pop culture, the Hipporium collection will portray a Hippo space traveler traveling from one metaverse to another. Moreover, these NFTs will offer a unique ownership experience with exclusive benefits both in the metaverse and in real life.

The Hipporium NFT collection will feature ten families, each representing a different level of rarity. These families will include the Maori Tattoo family with 20 NFTs, Predator Hunter with 50 NFTs, Yamashita Gold with 110 NFTs, Kamakura with 350 NFTs, and Desert Planet with 260 NFTs.

Other families featured will include the Psychedelic family with 450 NFTs, Space Travelers with 770 NFTs, Inter Galactic with 990 NFTs, Flag Earth with 1,000 NFTs, and Meta Fusion family with 1,000 unique NFTs.

Use Cases Of New Hipporium NFTs

Franck Dubarry has teamed up with Davide Carrera, a diver champion renowned for diving 123 meters at a constant weight, to create a new collection of modern and sustainable automatic diving watches, “Deep Ocean.”


Made in Stainless Steel to professional diving standards, the Deep Ocean comes with various components from recycled plastics found in the Oceans, fitted with straps made of bio-rubber and nylon from recycled fishing nets.

These unique watches are water resistant and feature a wheel button at 09:30 that sets the internal bi-directional bezel to measure the dive duration. The Deep Ocean will come with different colours and different levels of rarity for each reference.

Hipporium NFT holders will use their digital collectibles to redeem a watch of their choice. Hipporium NFTs will give users the right to redeem a Deep Ocean watch with a discount of up to 80% off, attributed randomly per family of NFT.

In the meantime, the official Hipporium NFT drop is set to start on November 25, 2022, exclusively on Ethereum–powered Hipporium NFT marketplace and later made available on the OpenSea NFT marketplace.

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