Gucci Vault Land

Luxury brand Gucci has successfully launched a new fashion store in the metaverse. Gucci has opened its new fashion store in the digital real estate platform, The Sandbox, becoming the first brand to build its own space within the metaverse platform.

Gucci Launches Fashion Store In The Sandbox

In an October 27 press release, the luxury brand Gucci confirmed launching the new fashion store in The Sandbox. The experimental concept store, Gucci Vault Land, will be available from October 27 to November 9.

During that period, Gucci Vault Land will exist as a private event outside the typical seasons of The Sandbox. The event will allow users to purchase eight voxel digital collectible clothing items, hats, skate ramps, and even cars.

In addition, as a bonus to the Gucci Vault community, players holding Gucci Vault NFT collections, such as Super Gucci and Gucci Grails, will receive a Gucci Vault Aura collectible, a piece of wearable fashion for avatars within The Sandbox.

Gucci Vault Land Overview

Envisioned by the Creative Director Alessandro Michele, the new concept store will feature carefully curated rare vintage Gucci pieces, the dialogues between contemporary creators and the House, the enthusiasm for NFT artworks, and the magic that arises when all these different facets combine.

The metaverse project will allow players to enjoy the Vault’s experimental essence at 360° through play-to-know narrative and compete for activities, such as motorcycle racing, for a chance to win its native reward token, SAND.

Gucci Vault Land isn’t Gucci’s first metaverse experience. Last year, the luxury brand ran a two-week Gucci Garden event in Roblox. At the time, Gucci partnered with the Tennis Clash game, the Korean Zepeto chat app, and other virtual worlds to launch the metaverse project.

In the meantime, Gucci Vault Land is open for all, and no NFT or ticket is required. According to Gucci, the ultimate goal of this metaverse project is to educate the Web3 community on Gucci’s heritage through gamification.

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