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The American YouTube star Logan Paul is back in the limelight. But, this time around, Logan Paul holds a bad reputation after his non-fungible token game project turned out to be a big scam, stealing millions from users.

According to Stephen Findeissen, a cyber detective popularly known as Coffezilla, Logan Paul’s CryptoZoo has been a massive scam since its inception, which has lured and stolen users millions in crypto and NFTs.

Logan Paul’s NFT Games Is A Big Scam

Logan Paul is a content creator who has risen to fame for exposing crypto scams and fake gurus to enlighten his followers. As a result, the YouTuber has amassed a massive audience within and outside the crypto community.

In a three-part 60-minute series, Coffezilla has unmasked how Logan Paul has exploited his more than 2.1 million fanbase to rug pulls millions after failing to deliver what he previously promised his users.

According to Logan Paul, CryptoZoo was an entertaining game allowing users to some revenues while competing with animals. The NFT game featured exotic animals that could be bought, sold and traded.

Moreover, the NFT project had an in-game currency, “Zoo,” allowing players to purchase egg NFTs that would hatch into playable animals. The CryptoZoo game is comparable to popular CryptoKitties.

CryptoZoo NFT Game Unmasked

The cyber detective has revealed that the CryptoZoo syndicate featured four individuals, including Logan Paul, the guy with the scam idea, Jeff, his manager and Eddie Ibanez, who was in charge of the project development.

The NFT project became suspicious when Logan Paul and his team failed to do a presale and opted to launch the game a week before the official launch. Logan leveraged his influence to sell the idea to his audience, attracting many users who believed the project would work.

Unfortunately, a year after the project launched, Logan Paul and his team rug pulled the NFT project disappearing more than $6 million. In the meantime, many investors still hold their Zoo tokens, hoping Logan and his team will deliver on what they promised.

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