The multinational cyber security firm, Kaspersky, has warned against the rise of non-fungible token scammers and fraudsters, asserting that they are most likely to take advantage of the world cup in Qatar.

Kaspersky Warns Against Increased NFT Scams

In a November 21 announcement, the cyber security firm has cautioned the public about the possible increase in NFT scams during the ongoing world cup festival in Qatar, which began yesterday and will run until December 18.

Kaspersky has asserted that scammers will likely use phishing sites to fetch data and online fraud users. Luckily, the cyber security firm has already caught the fraudulent attempt for the sale of Qatar 2022 World cup tickets.

According to Kaspersky, the number of NFT scams will likely soar this football fun season as many events organizers are selling their tickets online. In a short statement, Olga Svistunova, a cyber security expert at Kaspersky, remarked:

“We see how cybercriminals are trying to get the most out of the event and exploit as many as possible, including the increasing number of NFT scams related to the World Cup.”

Possible NFT Scam Tricks

Kaspersky emphasized that scammers may use NFT and crypto popularity to perpetrate crime. Scammers are likely to use techniques such as offering rewards to bets on live events matches, among other tricks.

Kaspersky has urged online users to remain vigilant throughout the football festival season to avoid fraud. It has urged the internet to be extra cautious when visiting unknown websites and links in emails.

The NFT scams likely revolve around selling commodities such as virtual sports goods. Scammers may fetch users’ personal information in exchange for fake virtual soccer jerseys or footballs.

However, many crypto firms have launched NFTs in the wake of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Last week, Cristiano Ronaldo teamed up with Binance to football-inspired NFTs ahead of the festive football season in Doha.

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