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Cybersecurity lab and software developer Kaspersky has unmasked some tricks North Korean hackers have been using to steal users. The notorious hackers have stolen more than $1.2 billion since 2017.

Lazarus Group is a group of state-sponsored hackers, allegedly from North Korea, which have been terrorizing users and crypto projects in the past five years. According to South Korea’s main spy agency, the National Intelligence Service (NIS), these hackers have stolen over $1.2 billion in virtual assets in the past five years.

Lazarus Group’s New Scam Trick Unmasked

It is worth noting that BluNoroff, part of the North Korean state-sponsored Lazarus Group, has recently twisted its focus to venture capital (VC) firms, crypto, NFT startups, and banks to fetch more users.

But interestingly, after conducting thorough investigations, Kaspersky revealed that BlueNoroff had created more than 70 fake domains that mimic venture capital firms and banks, presenting them as well-known Japanese companies.

According to Kaspersky findings, the BlueNorff sub-group has been using the new scam trick and other malware delivery methods to lactate millions from crypto users, institutions, and centralized exchanges.

Hackers invade Windows Mark of the Web security warnings while users download contents and intercept large crypto transfers, changing the recipient’s address and pushing the transfer’s amount to the limit. Hackers eventually drain users’ accounts in a single transaction.

Kaspersky Warns Against More Scams In 2023

Before summarizing, the report has noted that 2022 has experienced massive hackings and warns that the upcoming New Year may even see more. While commenting on the new report, Researcher Seongsu Park reiterated:

“The coming year will be marked by the cyber epidemics with the biggest impact, the strength of which has been never seen before. […] On the threshold of new malicious campaigns, businesses must be more secure than ever.”

The BlueNoroff hackers got unmasked after attacking the Bangladeshi central bank and walked away with millions in 2016. The same group has been recently spotted attempting to steal NFTs from crypto projects. In March, the group stole more than $600 million in the Ronin Bridge attack.

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