Reel8 Marketplace Jeremy Lin NFT

NBA star Jeremy Lin and new NFT marketplace are teaming up to mint 7,777 Linsanity NFTs on May 25th at 01:00 UTC, for charity.

Of Taiwanese and Chinese descent, pro basketball player Jeremy Lin is one of the few Asian-Americans to play in the league and the first to win an NBA championship, with the Toronto Raptors. His ten year career and impact on the sports world has been referred to as ‘Linsanity’.

He runs the Jeremy Lin Foundation to benefit overlooked youth and 100% of the profits from the Linsanity NFT drop will go towards that charitable cause.

The National Basketball Association is sponsored by Coinbase and a users can download a Coinbase wallet to connect to Reel8 and buy Jeremy Lin NFTs with Ethereum.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

Linsanity NFT

The limited edition Jeremy Lin non-fungible tokens come with:

  • Unlockable metaverse content, including a three point shooting basketball metaverse game #3D3sForHope
  • A director’s cut documentary, rare movie clips and behind the scenes footage on Jeremy Lin’s career and family
  • Discord and fan club access
  • The chance to meet Jeremy Lin in a live AMA

There will be three Jeremy Lin NFT types, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. Jeremy Lin commented:

‘I have personally experienced how difficult it can be to have our stories underrepresented. I am excited to give fans an opportunity to support their favorite filmmakers while also supporting crucial youth programs for our community.’

The NBA recently made headlines for registering its own NFT trademarks and dot.eth domains, along with minting its own ‘The Association’ NFT collection.

MVP Steph Curry is also known for buying a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT, and his team the Golden State Warriors also minted their own NFTs.


Reel8 is a new NFT marketplace that specializes in tokenizing exclusive film moments on the blockchain, with a particular focus on demographically underrepresented filmmakers and artists.

They aim to ‘help underrepresented filmmakers with innovative ways to distribute their art through NFTs and fulfill the promise of Web3 and the new world creator economy.

Reel8 co-founder Dave Liu stated:

‘Some NFTs miss the mark when it comes to providing society meaningful benefits – that’s why we’re excited to launch the Jeremy Lin Linsanity NFT Collection. We believe it will set a new standard by enabling underrepresented filmmakers to reach new and existing fans of their art through direct engagement with members of their audience, while simultaneously supporting social causes like the Jeremy Lin Foundation.’

Registration is now open for the Linsanity NFT drop waitlist on the Reel8 website.

May 2022 is a big month for NFTs, with Instagram and Facebook rolling out support for NFTs on their platforms, and a $1 million jackpot being given away by another new NFT collection, the Lucky Block Platinum Rollers club, which also supports several UK based charities.

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Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.