Migwashere Wen Sandwich NFT

The nascent non-fungible token sector continues to give rise to more premium NFTs despite suffering from the recent extended crypto winter. After making the most prestigious Bored Ape characters, Migwashere is back with another brand-new NFT collection, “Wen Sandwich.”

In a January 25 site publication, Migwashere, the brain behind the art in the legendary and top-selling Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT collection, confirmed launching a brand new NFT art collection dubbed “Wen Sandwich.” BAYC is an NFT collection from digital assets incubation studio Yuga Labs.

Wen Sandwich NFT Review – Carl Talks Crypto

The NFT collection has attracted the attention of Carl Dawkins, a renowned YouTuber and the Head of Growth at Tamadoge. Tamadoge is a P2E platform allowing players to mint, breed, and battle using their Tamadoge pet in the metaverse.

While speaking in a 5-minute explainer video, Carl applauded Migwashere’s new NFT project, describing it as the next big thing in the broader crypto industry. Migwashere has teamed up with Delta P, the Head Chef and Ryan, the Sound Chef, and a few others.

Migwashere’s Wen Sandwich NFT Collection Overview

Migwashere NFT collection is a community-driven pixel art library allowing users to create their own custom sandwich NFTs. Like the digital version of the Subway sandwich brand, fans can follow the food truck to make their Sandwich NFTs.

In addition, crypto and sandwich fans can prepare their sandwiches right from the digital food truck, which contains over 150 ingredients. Interestingly, there are no limitations on the type of sandwiches fans can build.

Even though there are no limitations on the number of favourite sandwiches crypto users can make, once the digital food truck has disappeared, they won’t be able to mint more new sandwiches.

In the meantime, the official minting of the new Migwashere’s Wen Sandwich NFT collection is scheduled to start late this month. The highly anticipated NFTs will be minted on the Ethereum network, beginning at a floor of 0.05 ETH.

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