Interpol Seeks To Take Over Metaverse Crimes

Non-fungible token and metaverse investors now have a reason to start smiling. After suffering from repeated cyber attacks and other crimes in the past several years, Interpol police have finally heard their grief, and it has started exploring ways to prevent them from potential crimes in the metaverse.

Interpol Seeks To Solve Crimes In Metaverse

In an interview with BBC on Friday, Jurgen Stock, the Secretary General of the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol), announced that the policing organization is actively working on how it can solve metaverse crimes.

During the interview, the Interpol top official said that the new metaverse space is necessary for Interpol not to get left behind, noting that criminals have rapidly adopted the new technology. Stork explained:

“Criminals are sophisticated and professional in very quickly adapting to any new technological tool that is available to commit crime. We need to sufficiently respond to that. Sometimes lawmakers, police, and our societies are running a little bit behind.”

In a past interview, Interpol’s innovation and technology head Dr. Madan Oberoi noted a rise in cyber crimes, such as sexual harassment and thefts, among other crimes, in the digital realm in recent weeks.

Nonetheless, Oberoi noted that applying the crime aspects in physical space to the metaverse is sometimes very challenging. The Interpol official added that the organization must get conversant with new tech to solve metaverse crimes. He explained:

“If you look at the definitions of these crimes in physical space, and you try to apply it in the metaverse, there is a difficulty. We don’t know whether we can call them a crime or not, but those threats are definitely there, so those issues are yet to be resolved.”

Interpol Previous Metaverse Venture

In October 2022, the International Criminal Police Organization launched a fully-operational metaverse venture, allowing enforcement personnel from more than 195 member countries to interact and learn more about metaverse crimes.

Moreover, the virtual space sought to enable police officers to explore different forms of metaverse crimes to determine how they might occur and ways to police them. At the time, Interpol launched the Expert Group to collect feedback from officers.

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