The Indian game streaming platform Loco has partnered with Ava Labs, the digital assets incubation studio and parent company behind Avalanche blockchain, to launch a new metaverse gaming venture on the Avalanche network.

In a February 21 press release, the Indian streaming pioneer Loco confirmed partnering with the digital assets incubation studio, Ava Labs, to create a suite of new next-gen “metaverse” gaming experiences on the Avalanche sub-network.

Loco Integrates Ava Labs To Launch Metaverse Game Project

Launched in January 2018, Loco is an independent esports and live-streaming platform based in India. The platform allows users to stream popular video games, such as Krafton, Activision, Ubisoft, Riot Games, Red Bull, NBA 2K League and Logitech, among others.

Under the new integration, the Indian streaming firm anticipates leveraging Avalanche subnet capabilities to build web3 products that offer unique, innovative experiences to crypto users on its platform.

Based on the data shared, Loco intended to launch non-fungible token based fantasy games that would give users full game control on Avalanche. While commenting on the new partnership, Anirudh Pandita and Ashwin Suresh, the co-founders of Loco, remarked:

“We are aligned with Avalanche in our vision of bringing fun games to millions of users. These skill-based games will allow fans to deepen their connection with their favorite creators and help amplify the enjoyment they derive from watching digital content.”

Loco & Ava Labs Metaverse Gaming Venture Overview

Loco’s new metaverse fantasy games will allow fans to express their fandom and put them in the role of talent managers and scouts, helping them leverage their knowledge and adding a new exciting layer to their watching experience.

Moreover, Loco will allow users to involve in the gameplay while watching using their avatars directly. In this context, users can build an entertainment e-sport team and compete with other fans in fantasy games.

Loco will launch a digital marketplace through the support of the Multiverse Incentive Program, a $290 million initiative launched to accelerate the growth of its Avalanche subnet. The new digital marketplace will allow users to trade Loco Legends collectibles along with other assets on Avalanche network.

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