Super Puma NFTs

The iconic sports apparel brand Puma has confirmed plans to launch a new non-fungible token collection to celebrate its 75 years of service. The NFT collection will feature memorable sporting events for the past years of service delivery.

Puma Launches New Super Puma NFTs

The sports apparel brand announced launching its new NFT collection late last week. The new NFT collection titled “Super Puma” will feature Super Puma comics and a green cat named Super Puma.

The new NFT project, which features Puma’s most memorable sporting events, will offer various benefits. Some of these benefits will include giving users exclusive access to premium goods and a direct link to legendary sporting designs.

According to Adam Petrick, the Chief Brand Officer at Puma, the newly rebranded Super Puma brand will use across various products and initiatives, such as apparel, plush toys, and comic books. He added:

“We listened to what our community wanted, and the Super PUMA PFP NFT is the result of that. It’s a great project to kick off our 75th anniversary as an expression of our brand mantra – Forever Faster – leaning on our history and heritage to push sport and culture forward through design and innovation.”

Puma Is No Stranger In The NFT Space

It’s not the first time Puma will be launching NFTs. In August 2022, the sports apparel brand launched its Nitro NFT collection. The Puma Nitro collection featured a fixed edition of 4,000 digital collectibles.

Based on site publication, Puma anticipates launching its new Super Puma PFP NFT collection before the end of this month. The NFT collection will feature a limited edition of 10,000 profile picture (PFP) NFTs.

Puma has announced plans to drop free NFTs to Puma Nitro Collection holders, depending on how many Nitro NFTs they hold. Puma has set aside 4,000 NFTs for Nitro Collection holders, 2,000 to 10KTF NFT community, and 4,000 NFTs for general purchase through waiting list spots.

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