In yet another hack in the crypto space, hackers have breached the crypto wallet of Jason Falovitch and stole at least $150,000 worth of NFTs. The recent attack appears a few days after hackers breached the Wintermute crypto market maker and disappeared with more than $160 million.

Jason Falovitch Loses $150K In NFTs.

In a September 25 blog post, Jason Falovitch, a former sports manager who recently turned into a crypto entrepreneur, confirmed the raid into his crypto wallet that left hackers disappearing with at least $150,000 worth of NFTs.

According to Falovitch, hackers stole four NFTs, including two Doodles, a Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) NFT worth roughly $20,000, a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT worth more than $107,000, and 6 ETH ($7,770) from his crypto wallet on OpenSea.

Based on the current Doodles NFT floor prices, the notorious hackers disappeared with more than $150,000 in profit. The recent hack was a big blow for Falovitch, who spent more than $377,000 on the four NFTs based on ETH prices at the time of purchase.

In a related unfortunate incident, Falovitch confirmed that thieves also broke into his car and stole undisclosed money while he was going to report the NFT theft matter to the police. Falovitch tweeted after the hack; I’m over $1 million hackled in NFTs and ETH.

Falovitch’s Journey In The NFT Space

Falovitch came into the spotlight earlier this year after he co-founded the Leverage Game Media Company and an American billionaire entrepreneur, Mark Cuban. The media group aimed at promoting NFT projects through its major sports social media pages.

Furthermore, Falovitch also co-founded @ NFT, a group of social media pages that attracted a ban from Twitter in February after accusations of promoting scammy NFT projects without proper disclosure.

Meanwhile, Falovitch has received a lot of criticism after the raid from some crypto users who have known him long since his connection with the scam promotion. While responding to Falovitch in a subsequent blog post, zachxbt, a crypto researcher renowned for helping hack victims recover their assets, tweeted:

“Falovitch, for all of the people you rekt with the scams promoted on your Instagram page, definitely won’t be tracking this one.”

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